Welcome speech freshers meet

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welcome speech freshers meet

And you want to have awesome welcome anchoring speech, right? Here we come to your rescue. Here is the sample freshers party anchoring. Welcome Speech for Fresher's - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Seniors Fresher's Party Welcome Speech And not only we, but the teachers are also eager to meet you all, not for giving lectures but to stand.

But, as seniors and college management gave you this responsibility mean they trust you.

welcome speech freshers meet

Here is how you start freshers party welcome note. Boys and Girls… let me introduce myself.

welcome speech freshers meet

I am Sunil, third-year B. But guys trust me as time goes you will see how lively and awesome this campus is. Well, we will continue that saga in next session. Just be real and grounded, sounds cool? OK, let me just brief you on schedule and proceedings of the event and after we are going to start the event with a Hip-Hop dance performance by our final year Mechanical Students. So, after a first dance performance. We will have an introduction segment where you guys will introduce yourselves in 2 lines.

Kindly pass microphone ASAP once you are done. We will continue with few skits and acts. And then we will have a snack break for 15 minutes, please grab your seats again ASAP and finally, we will wrap up the event with party songs. You know your college and the environment of it, only you can write original and awesome freshers party anchoring script.

On behalf of the entire institute, I would like to welcome all the newcomers and other guests to this function and give an opportunity to socialize with each other. I heartily congratulate all of you for achieving success in getting a seat in this reputed College of Law. This truly means the first step towards following your dreams and achieving your goals. And since for the next 5 years you are going to be part of this college, we heartily wish that you imbibe the best knowledge and experience from here.

For students, who are away from their respective homes for the first time and happen to face any problem in settling down in the new environment, I assure that all of us are readily available to listen to your problems and help you in tackling the same.

Welcome Speech for Fresher’s Party by Seniors in Simple Words

Students of today are the future of our college and nation. I strongly believe that your sincerity and honesty can always help you in making a good and responsible human being out of yourself.

Of course, teachers and all other college staffs will always remain as the navigators to guide you. The duty of the teachers is not only to impart education, but also to inculcate discipline and qualities in the students. You should feel protected and shielded under the guidance of your teachers and hence, should honour their presence.

welcome speech freshers meet

Legal occupation shares its own amount of challenges and pleasure. It poses tests and challenges which very few professions do. Our college gives equal importance to both theoretical as well as practical learning in order to make you a competent lawyer, in the true sense of the term.

We have ties with several renowned Corporate Lawyers, Criminal, Family and General Practice Lawyers who help our students in gaining practical knowledge. While teachers are always available to guide you in your journey, students must also have a thirst for learning, developing right attitude and humility and above all, belief in discipline, hard work and sincerity.

Apart from educational betterment, our college also focuses on the extra-curricular activities and organises annual sports competition every year in the month of January after the completion of semester exams. Some of our students also represent the college at the national level in Basketball and Football. I, on behalf of the entire college would like to take a commitment from all our existing students and the new comers to maintain an amiable relationship with one another, respect your seniors, teachers and all other staff members and make your parents and us proud for having you here.

Wishing you all the very best!

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It is an absolutely exceptional evening today as you guys are starting a journey that we have just completed. Life is a long journey with many zigzag paths in it.

Welcome Speech for Fresher’s Party by Teacher, Principal & Senior

But, I guarantee all of you that after completing your graduation from here you are surely going to remember the value of the institute as a memorable milestone. Also, you will cherish all the memories spent with your friends, faculties, your group assignments, your presentations, your bunks, events like today and what not.

Well…today…it is the evening where the excitement has reached its peak, where we all are glad to welcome you and see your excitement too for the same. And not only we, but the teachers are also eager to meet you all NOT for giving lectures but to stand by your side and join you in the celebration. This evening is all about celebrations. I am happy to see that many of you are able to join us today and I am sure that the ones who are not present with us today are truly going to miss this.

welcome speech freshers meet

Dear juniors, you are now here as two years earlier, we were. You have so many seniors for you to guide you about the techniques and skills required to reach your goals along with, of course, your hard work. Also, you will have the best faculty of the city here who have expertise in their subjects of not less than 15 years.

It is no less an honour for me to be here and address all of you. So, here I, ——, student of ——— department, wholeheartedly welcome all of you tonight. From now, you all are a part of —————- College family.