What does pocahontas say to john smith when they meet

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what does pocahontas say to john smith when they meet

Jul 29, When John Smith first lands on the shores of Powhatan's land, he's really good at To which, we have to say: you know nothing, John Smith. When they finally meet, John has nothing but the best intentions, but he is a tiny bit John Smith tries to help Pocahontas out of her canoe Oh no, he did not. Nov 1, Pocahontas first met Smith in , after he arrived in Virginia to help They did tell us alwaies you were dead, and I knew no other till I came. Jul 17, What we do know was written by others, as none of her thoughts or feelings Pocahontas and her father would not meet any Englishmen until the According to John Smith, it was for and to Pocahontas alone that he finally released them. with Argall; they could tell Powhatan they acted under coercion.

The Main Figures Disney version Playful, spiritual, and fond of diving off suicidally high waterfalls and survivingPocahontas is the beloved daughter of Chief Powhatan. She is curious and non-judgemental, to the point that she has no qualms about talking to a tree every day or taking a leap of faith with a group of settlers who like blowing things up.

She also demonstrates wisdom beyond her years by thinking outside the box and standing on cliff-tops looking noble.

what does pocahontas say to john smith when they meet

Pocahontas is especially dear to him as she reminds him of his late wife, and he will do anything for her, including choosing a hot warrior for her husband and stopping a war. Governor Ratcliffe is our villain, which means he has to have an authentic English accent rather than a fake one.

Rountree says that she would also have been short and stocky, like most Powhatan women of the time, due to working in the fields foraging and dancing not necessarily at the same time. Most importantly of all, Pocahontas would have been about 10 years old when the events of the film took place, marking the first major difference between the two versions.

As for Captain John Smith, Price is the only one who gives us a physical description: Simply put, he had impressive leadership skills, even if his methods were questionable.

Wahunsenaca, or Chief Powhatan Wahunsenaca, was the paramount chief of the Powhatan people at this time. All sources are generally in agreement that, rather than seek war with the English, Wahunsenaca was more interested in an alliance against the Spanish and trading for firearms and hatchets. He was just one member of a council designated to oversee the Jamestown colony in Virginia, and may have been trying to escape a shady past in London.

At one point he and Smith are in cahoots to get rid of another member of the council — politically, not literally — but aside from his need to start afresh, there is nothing much else remarkable about him. Apart from his death.

what does pocahontas say to john smith when they meet

Ratcliffe also has a strong interest to succeed in order to redeem himself in the eyes of English society. Disney version In the yearswarthy hero John Smith and his crew are headed on a long voyage to Virginia, at the behest of the Virginia Company of London, to retrieve the gold and riches they will no doubt find there after all, the Spanish found some in South America, so how different can it be?

If they come across any Indians they have no qualms about killing them, so much so that they will even sing about it. Timid crew member Thomas is thrown overboard but Smith dives heroically into the water to save him. Meanwhile, the Powhatan are celebrating the return of their chief and warriors after successfully battling their enemies, the Massawomecks. Chief Powhatan is eager to find his daughter, Pocahontas, as he wishes for her to marry the most impressive warrior in his collection, a serious and humourless young man named Kocoum.

Pocahontas has been too busy riding waterfalls and thinking about a dream involving a spinning arrow to bother with things like marriage, and feels she is destined for another path. As for the Powhatan, the Massawomecks were indeed an enemy of theirs, but at this point in time, Wahunsenaca had ordered the annihilation of the tribe at Chesapeake instead, and this was mainly due to a prophecy and bitter rivalry rather than any outright aggression.

However, everyone agrees that she did end up marrying Kocoum later on. Powhatan women were free to refuse offers of marriage, even from the paramount chief, and since Kocoum was a competent warrior but not necessarily of hierarchical importance, his marriage to Pocahontas seems to have been one of love rather than political.

On the shore, Ratcliffe plants a British flag into the soil and orders his men to begin their search for gold.

Pocahontas, 1595-1617: An Important Player in Early Jamestown

With a musical number, shovels and dynamite of course. Lots, and lots of dynamite. Kekata, the village shaman, foretells that these newcomers will ravage the land and resources, but rather than destroy them outright, Powhatan wants to know more about them.

what does pocahontas say to john smith when they meet

This only lasts until Namontack of the scouting party returns less one kneecap, after which the chief throws up his hands and sends for his warrior brothers for their own demonstration of badassery against the enemy. Historical version Image by Sidney E. When this group of English settlers first arrived — in three ships instead of one — John Smith was in no position to scout out the area, mainly because he was under arrest and confined to the Susan Constant.

All of our sources do mention the Delphic prophecy believed by the Powhatan people — that a tribe would arrive in the Chesapeake area and one day destroy them.

Namontack was also treated considerably better — rather than being shot in the leg, he was sent back to London with some of the colonists to serve as an interpreter and scout for Wahunsenaca, and actually came back in one piece. The Powhatan warriors also only end up in a fight because they object to an all out armageddon on their local neighbourhood trees and the English panic on sight. Essentially, Smith and the Powhatan are softened again to show how they are different or to be more politically correct.

This is not a good way to meet women. Something about this blond adonis has intrigued Pocahontas, and so she silently tracks him through the woods as he scouts the perimeter. Smith catches a glimpse of what he believes to be a violent savage and readies his pistol, only to meet the gaze of a beautiful American Indian woman, standing solemnly in the mists of a waterfall.

Also, it would be rude to argue with a song like that. Historical version Pocahontas and John Smith, equally non-plussed at these rumours. At their first encounter, rather than standing duskily in front of a waterfall, Pocahontas was more likely to have been enjoying a spot of naked cartwheeling. However, this presents us with our first stalemate among the sources.

what does pocahontas say to john smith when they meet

I will discuss this in a later section. She once was said to have warned the colonists about a surprise attack by the Indians. John Smith had been wounded during his capture. He returned to England. Hostilities once again broke out between the Indians and the English settlers. In sixteen eleven, Thomas Dale became acting governor of the colony.

He started a new aggressive policy toward the Indians. Two years later, an English soldier, Samuel Argall, kidnapped Pocahontas. She was about eighteen years old. The colonists kidnapped her because they wanted to prevent more attacks by the Indians. They also wanted to force chief Powhatan to negotiate a peace agreement. Pocahontas lived as a hostage in the Jamestown settlement for more than a year. A colonist, John Rolfe, taught her English. He also taught her the Christian religion. Pocahontas was the first Native American to become Christian.

She changed her name to Rebecca. In sixteen fourteen, she married John Rolfe in the church in Jamestown. She was the first Indian woman to marry a white man. Her husband believed that their marriage would be good for the colony. John Rolfe said he married Pocahontas "for the honor of our country, for the glory of God. Governor Dale immediately opened negotiations with Powhatan. The result was a period of peace that lasted for about eight years. Pocahontas' husband was a tobacco grower.

She taught him the Indian way of planting tobacco. This method improved the tobacco crop. Tobacco later became America's first successful crop. In sixteen fifteen, Pocahontas and John Rolfe had a son. They named him Thomas. The next year Pocahontas and her family sailed to England for a visit. In London, she was treated like a famous person. She was officially presented to king James the First. She also met John Smith again.

Pocahontas vs. The Story of Pocahontas – Disneyfied, or Disney tried?

The Virginia Company said her visit proved that it was possible to have good relations between the English colonists and the Indians. The company urged more people to move from England to the Virginia colony. Pocahontas had her picture painted while visiting England. She is wearing the clothes she wore when she met the King. They are the kind of clothes that were popular in England in the sixteen hundreds.

This picture is the only one that really is of her. Pocahontas and her family stayed in England for seven months. They prepared to return to Jamestown. But Pocahontas became sick with smallpox. She died from the disease. She was buried in Gravesend, England. She was twenty-two years old. Her son, Thomas Rolfe, was raised in England. When he was twenty, he returned to Virginia. He lived as a settler in his mother's native land.

You Know Nothing, John Smith

He married and had a daughter. Through Thomas Rolfe, a number of famous Virginians have family ties to Pocahontas. These families are proud to claim their ties to Pocahontas. They call her "Virginia's First Lady. Pocahontas left no writings of her own. The only reports about her from the time were written by John Smith.

His reports may not all have been true. Yet the story of her rescue of Captain Smith became a popular folk story. This painting shows the religious ceremony in which Pocahontas became a Christian Americans know that Pocahontas played a part in the early history of Virginia. They remember her bravery and friendship. Americans also remember her for what she represented as a Native American: There are three art works of her in the large, round, main hall of the capitol.

There are more representations of her than any other American except for the nation's first president, George Washington. The three art works show the popular stories about Pocahontas. One is a painting of Pocahontas taking part in a religious ceremony in which she became a Christian.