Relationship between hawkeye and chingachgook weapon

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relationship between hawkeye and chingachgook weapon

The Last of the Mohicans () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more What kind of weapon did Chingachgook carry throughout the film and use to kill Magua? It's called a gunstock club. What's the rifle used by Hawkeye? Is there . Each father, Munro and Chingachgook, sits by the body of his child. his shoulders narrow; his arms long and dangling; while his hands were small, if not delicate. Discuss how the relationships among Hawkeye, Uncas, and Chingachcook. Everything you ever wanted to know about Hawkeye in Last of the Mohicans, by the banks of a stream with his Indian friend Chingachgook, cool as a cucumber. There is an important difference, however, that can be summed up by the title.

He harbors great hatred for Munro, blaming him for past wrongs done to him and his family. The following day, Colonel Munro, his soldiers, and their women and children leave the fort.

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Magua and his Huron warriors ambush them. Magua personally kills Munro. Hawkeye and the Mohicans fight their way out, leading Cora, Alice, and Heyward to temporary safety.

Later, however, Magua captures the major and the women. Magua takes his prisoners to a Huron settlement and addresses its sachem. He is interrupted by Hawkeye, who comes in alone to plead for their lives. The sachem rules that Heyward be returned to the British, Alice given to Magua, and Cora burned alive.

Hawkeye, for his great bravery, may leave unharmed. Hawkeye tells Heyward, who is serving as translator, to beg the sachem to let Hawkeye take Cora's place. Instead, Heyward trades his own life for Cora's.

relationship between hawkeye and chingachgook weapon

Once Cora and Hawkeye are far enough away, Hawkeye shoots Heyward to end his suffering. Chingachgook, Uncas, and Hawkeye then set out after Magua's party to free Alice. Uncas races ahead and engages Magua in personal combat, but is killed.

relationship between hawkeye and chingachgook weapon

Alice chooses to step off the cliff to her death rather than go to the beckoning Magua. While Hawkeye holds Magua's remaining men at bay, Chingachgook duels Magua and avenges his son. Chingachgook prays to the Great Spirit to receive Uncas, calling himself "the last of the Mohicans.

I was told later he had been training a select group of men for a month prior to filming, teaching them the military procedures they would need to know. I immediately wished that I had been selected to train with him. It would be hard work, but it would also be a one-of-a-kind experience as well.

I'm hoping to get a chance to talk to Captain Dye. I know he has some stories to tell. We move out to the fort around 6PM. Some of the extras forget to wear socks with their shoes and as a result get blisters very quickly. When I finally see the fort, I am impressed by its size. I know, though, that this is a facade and that the other side is nothing but supports for the front of the fort.

Actually, it was a complete fort, as you can tell from viewing the film. Our group is split in three. The group that I'm in is assigned to a position on the top of the hill outside the fort. Our mission tonight is, once the signal is given, to pretend to fire our fake muskets and then run down the hill. Not exactly the noblest of missions, I think. Our group, once positioned, is ordered to wait. Meanwhile, I can see the movie people moving their equipment and the other extras into their designated areas.

We see several boats on Lake James come around to see the action. We though, must wait We see the sun go down on Lake James.


If the Great Eyrie had really existed, I imagine it would look something like the movie set. Finally, we are ordered to rehearse our action. The hill we are on is very steep and has tons of debris thanks to the fallen, burned tree trunks, so we have to be careful as we head down. Everything goes well, though, so we now break for "lunch" at 10PM.

It doesn't look very good, but it's hot and I am very hungry. At 11PM, we head back to the fort to finally begin filming. The filming itself is very exciting, and everything I expected. As we run down the hill, we see and hear cannons going off on the batteries outside the fort and on the fort itself. Mortar set into the ground are exploded. This is controlled chaos. After several takes, Captain Dye says he wants to see our group fire real muskets at the fort.

We are given loaded guns minus the lead balls, of course and are ordered to fire after the cannon behind us fires. When the moment comes, though, my gun does not fire. I'm told that the humidity had dampened the flint on my gun.

Finally, around 4AM, we are told to go home for the day. I am told to arrive back to the set at 2: I get home about 6: Friday, July 19 I decide to arrive a little early to beat the lines, but that plan doesn't work. The trained soldiers get first priority and I'm in the back of the line again.

There is a little confusion about who I'll be playing tonight. The British costume is a little less ornate than the French and a little less heavy. As I am changing, though, a huge, afternoon thunderstorm hits us. Going up to the fort is going to be a little dirty, I think. I manage to finish dressing and head to the hair line, where I finally get a real wig and it looks good, if I do say so myself. The storm finally subsides and we are assembled outside. We are told that we are going inside the fort for another battle scene.

While we are assembled, people are dirtying us up again. After that, we sit and wait in the holding area The sun goes down and we haven't headed to the fort yet. I see the main actors from a distance as they mingle outside their trailers. We are told not to talk to them and I understand that is since we may interrupt their concentration, but it's still a shame that I can't tell them that I've admired their work.

At 11PM we head up to the eating area for "lunch". This time it's beef stroganoff, and it's quite good really. We wait until close to 2AM before we finally march to the fort. The inside of the fort is very impressive, as well. There are buildings, cannon emplacements, even a fake dead horse. The scene is taking place during the siege and Natty Bumppo Hawkeye - Note: Changed to Nathaniel Poe in the movie.

relationship between hawkeye and chingachgook weapon

One of the assistant directors calls me over. He tells one of the makeup people to cover me in red food coloring.

All right, I think. I'm going to be dead! I'm positioned in the lip of a cannon-created crater. The plan is for three other people to pick me up and move me while filming the scene. As luck would have it, all of the principle actors get to walk right past me, although I doubt I'll be in the shot since my action happens after they pass me. Director Michael Mann, who directed two very underrated movies, The Keep and Manhunter, talks to the actors and the assistant director about the shot.

Manhunter was the first movie to feature the character of Hannibal Lector. I wonder what Mann thinks of Silence of the Lambs. His long hair and frontier costume make him look like a true backwoodsman.

Madeleine Stowe, who plays the female lead of Cora Munro, looks gorgeous despite looking a little dirty. I remember seeing a younger Jodhi May, who plays Cora's sister Alice, in a movie called A World Apart, but she's grown up to become a beautiful woman. The Next Generation, also has a part in the movie, but apparently is not involved in the Lake James set. I'm a big Star Trek fan and would have liked to have seen him.

We rehearse the scene several times. The three people picking me up are having a little trouble finding a path to take me in all the confusion, but we finally figure it out. The time to film draws nearer. I tell myself not to screw this up.

relationship between hawkeye and chingachgook weapon

Making a mistake right next to an Academy Award winner is possibly the worst thing that could happen in my life. Ok, maybe it isn't, but it sure seemed that way at the time. We film two takes, and both go smoothly, at least from my point of view. Now the final take, which involves a big explosion and stunt players falling near where I am being taken.

Director Mann calls for, "Action". As the actors walk past me, I can hear some of their dialouge. Just as my "rescuers" get to me, I hear a huge, deafening boom as the explosion takes place. I've got my eyes closed, but as the take ends, I'm told it looks real impressive.

The director calls for a wrap, as everyone cheers. A job well done. It is nearly 6AM and everyone is looking like they are really filming an 18th century version of Night of the Living Dead.

As I am driving home, I'm thinking how the people on the freeway are reacting to my bloody face. I hope I don't cause any accidents.


An extra's life is by no means glamorous, but it is interesting to see how a film really gets made. I have had lots of fun so far, despite the night shooting, and how many people can say they have shared screen time with an Academy Award winner?

I can't wait to see the complete film so I can say, "Look, that's me with my face smashed to a pulp. In response to an e-mail question Seems it should have been up for cinematography, certainly best soundtrack Wes Studi seems deserving of best supporting actor, and maybe Madeleine Stowe for best actress Bill Bozic, a French artillery officer in the film, contributes this: Everyone got a laugh except the director, Michael Mann!

The black cannon balls basketballs painted black which bounced after hitting the fort were also good for a laugh Well, it isn't much of a story, but to satisfy the curious, here it is: So, what to do? Seemed I had to do something with these photos. I decided to send little photo albums to all the cast members. Schweig's agent says they never received it, May's came back, unopened, marked "Addressee Unknown", never heard from Stowe or her agent at all.

It was only 2 weeks or so after I'd sent these packages out. I was out on a tractor, bush-hogging a pasture. She was waving a letter at me. I shut down the tractor.