Relationship between stephanie zimbalist and pierce brosnan

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relationship between stephanie zimbalist and pierce brosnan

Pierce Brosnan and Stephanie Zimbalist on Peoples Choise Award The People's Choice Awards aired in March of that year, so, without. Stephanie Zimbalist & Pierce Brosnan. Stephanie ZimbalistTv CouplesClassic Tv Classic MoviesEpic CharactersPierce BrosnanRelationship GoalsLindaJames. PIERCE Brosnan has lifted the lid on his feud with Teri Hatcher when about Pierce and Stephanie Zimbalist on the set of Remington Steele.

It pioneered the slowly evolving will they or won't they" relationship arc that is now common to television drama of all genres. As critic Jaime Weinman concludes, Remington Steele is a great hybrid of detective story and romance because it treats romance as similar to detective work: Many female fans see Laura Holt as a hero and a role model.

In an interview recorded in for a DVD special feature, Remington Steele co-creator Michael Gleason and star Stephanie Zimbalist discuss the large number of women who have approached them over the years to express their appreciation for the character of Laura Holt. Speaking of the women she meets, Zimbalist said They are extraordinary women….

relationship between stephanie zimbalist and pierce brosnan

They do interesting things. They're sort of, what my character was — and I meet them all the time.

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It did and for the better. In a DVD special feature included on the Season 3 compilation, several of these Remington Steele writers credit Michael Gleason as a mentor, with Kerry Lenhart saying that Gleason taught him that television "writing could be a worthwhile and noble endeavor.


In Januaryfollowing the success of several sitcoms featuring working women, including the groundbreaking Mary Tyler Moore Show, Butler and Tinker, now head of MTM, revived the concept. InGleason, Butler, Erwin and Tinker pitched the series to NBC, and were initially rejected by executives who didn't "get" the premise.

relationship between stephanie zimbalist and pierce brosnan

Stephanie Zimbalist, an established actress with roles in several television movies, was approached for the role of Laura Holt. She first turned the series down, not wishing to be tied down to one show, but had a late night change of heart. Pierce Brosnan auditioned for the role of Remington Steele, but was initially refused by NBC executives who were concerned that Brosnan was a relative unknown in America.

relationship between stephanie zimbalist and pierce brosnan

Originally, NBC asked for pilot that imagined the series six months into its run, with the characters already working together in the detective agency. This pilot was produced in February and Marchand was eventually aired with revisions as Tempered Steele. NBC had some concerns about audience confusion over this episode, but ultimately agreed to schedule the series for the season.

This second pilot, License to Steele, became the first episode aired in the series. Although part of the show's appeal was the sexual tension between the main characters, in real life the production was dogged for years by rumors that its two leads did not get along.

For just when it seemed that Brosnan, 35, had snagged one of the most sought-after and profitable roles in movie history, he now finds himself once again tied to Remington Steele, and he is not pleased. For most of the last two months, Brosnan thought he had fulfilled an ambition of long standing, to replace Roger Moore as He had settled in London. Thinking he had closed a chapter of his career, he had taken to occasionally trashing Remington Steele and the high life in L.

This summer, Remington has greatly improved its ratings during reruns. It takes real guts to cancel one in ninth place. The show was renewed for six episodes as a midseason replacement. Since then, the legendary producer and protector of the James Bond film properties, Cubby Broccoli, has been making like Dr.

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The net result for Brosnan is a career catch Because Remington was cancelled, Brosnan could do Bond. But because he might be Bond, Remington was uncancelled. And because Remington was uncancelled, Brosnan may not be able to be The choice for Brosnan seems clear: The producers talked to 60 aspirants in one recent week alone. Earlier Mel Gibson and Bryan Brown were considered but not screen-tested.

Pierce Brosnan having fun with the Stephanie Zimbalist doll.

But the players change constantly. If you are a handsome, breathing male with a British accent, you are a candidate. Under the circumstances [of the Bond offer], if it had gone a fifth [season], I would have been pissed off…. No risks were being taken. I wanted the show to get a little more hard-edged, but they wanted to keep it like it was.