Bush family relationship with saudi arabia

Why Is There No “Saudi-Gate”?

bush family relationship with saudi arabia

Saudi Arabia is the wellspring of radical Islam, its primary source of sustenance his family and his associates to the House of Saud, George W. Bush's In short, the Bushies have profited mightily from a relationship with a. House of Bush, House of Saud: The Secret Relationship Between the World's the thirty-year relationship between the Bush family and the House of Saud and show how the relationship between the Bushes and Saudi Arabia influenced. B>David Paul Kuhn On The Bush Links To Saudi Royal Family. "The relationship between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia could not be worse.

Bush's Saudi Connections

Since then, the Department of Justice has impeded the lawsuit filed against the Saudi regime by the September 11 families; the White House blacked out the portions of a congressional report that detailed the Saudi role inand everyone from the president on down has steadfastly insisted that the Saudis are paid-up members of the anti-terrorism posse.

Bush can spew all the frontier rhetoric he wishes, but in the case of the Saudis, his inaction speaks louder. Why he would rather undermine the war on terrorism than confront Riyadh is an interesting question, and it doesn't require a particularly active imagination to wonder if there is more here than just oil and a bad case of realpolitik. The links between the House of Bush and the House of Saud are deep, overlapping and notoriously opaque: The main law firm retained by the Saudis to defend them against the families is Baker Botts -- as in James Baker, the Bush family consigliere.

And, of course, there's oil, the black glue connecting all these dots.

The Bush-Bin Laden Family Connection

In short, the Bushies have profited mightily from a relationship with a foreign government that can be indirectly, perhaps even directly, implicated in the September 11 attacks and other terrorist incidents and that has been the driving force behind a worldwide jihad. The administration's coddling of the Saudis presents the Democrats with an opening the size of Texas, and they need to seize it.

Bush is never more inarticulate and unconvincing than when on the defensive, and no subject is going to set him on his heels faster, and keep him there longer, than the Saudi question.

It wouldn't take much for the Democrats to turn this issue into a political bonanza. Some sustained pot stirring by the presidential candidates and various party organs would arouse the interest of the press. Soon enough, all those media sleuths who so assiduously ransacked the lives of the Clintons would be shamed into finally giving the Bush-Saudi nexus the scrutiny it deserves, and in the flash of a news cycle, the president would have a problem.

bush family relationship with saudi arabia

Who knows where it all might lead? There are still unanswered questions about the role Saudi money played in Bush Junior's oil ventures; ditto the Iran-Contra scandal, which never quite caught up with Bush Senior.

bush family relationship with saudi arabia

The possibilities seem endless. Playing the Saudi card would be a hardball move, setting the stage for a bruising campaign. But Bush is no stranger to brass-knuckle tactics just ask John McCainand Republicans have been sliming Democrats for decades on issues of national security. A little retribution is long overdue, and the Democratic faithful are clearly in a fighting mood; using the Saudis as a cudgel to bash Bush would be a very effective way of channeling all that rage.

bush family relationship with saudi arabia

Nor could anyone justly accuse the Democrats of demagoguery; the Saudi issue is legitimate. The administration appears to have two sets of rules in the war on terrorism: It's fair to ask why plenty of conservatives areto plant that question in the minds of voters and to tell voters that things will be different with a Democrat in the White House. Many conspiracy theorists contend that Osama bin Laden maintained his links to the CIA, although in a more covert way.

It should be noted there is no absolute proof of this, with many of the people making these claims using past CIA actions to back up their current theories. Also, the alleged mastermind, Khalid Shaykh Mohammed, was free to travel in and out of the United States throughout much of This was in spite of alleged warnings to the Bush administration from their own intelligence services of his suspected involvement in terrorist activity.

Further warnings were issued only weeks prior to the attacks, in Augusteven mentioning Osama bin Laden and other Saudi sponsors. Instead, they opted to invade Afghanistan. Officially, they claimed this to be the place Osama bin Laden was residing. Mike Pryor InCalifornia company Unocal which had numerous past connections to Dick Cheney began preparations for the Afghanistan Oil Pipeline, which would run from Turkmenistanthrough Afghanistan, and to the Arabian Sea and into the hands of US-run corporations.

Both the Taliban and anti-Taliban groups supported the deal—so much so that US-led training was provided to potential workers to assist in laying the pipeline. However, many activist groups, particularly feminist groups, intensely protested any project involving the Taliban due to their genuinely horrendous stance on human rightsparticularly the lack of rights for women.

The pressure proved too much, and Unocal was forced to pull out of the deal.

House of Bush, House of Saud - Wikipedia

Coincidentally or not, by the end ofwith the aforementioned Dick Cheney high up in the Bush administrationthe pipeline deal was back on. With the Taliban now the enemy, their approval was no longer needed.

Marco Mancha, 2nd Marine Division Perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of the Bush—bin Laden connection is the drug trafficking accusations following the invasion of Afghanistan, claims that have hounded the Bush family in particular for decades and many would suggest rightly so.

For one, the Bush family has business ties to the bin Laden family: Salem was no religious extremist, but he did help his brother buy surface-to-air missiles for mujahideen fighters in Afghanistan in the s. Particularly interesting is Prince Bandar, member of the royal family, ambassador to the United States from toand the former head of Saudi intelligence.

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He also had phone numbers that popped up in the contacts of an al-Qaeda associate captured in Pakistan. Our means America, not just the Bush family. Number two, he knows everyone around the world who counts.

And number three, he will give you his view on what he sees happening in the world. Maybe he can set up meetings for you with people around the world. The younger Bush maintained the friendship while president. Bandar was one of the first people Bush told about his decision to invade Iraq; he received brief ings on the war planning before the invasion; and he reportedly attended meetings at the White House even after he left the ambassadorship.

Hours after their meeting, while flights were still limited and planes carrying organ transplants were being grounded around the United States, chartered planes picked up Saudi nationals including Saudi royals and members of the bin Laden family and flew them out of the country, escorted by FBI agents. Simultaneously, federal agents were preparing round-ups and indefinite detentions of more than 1, innocent Muslims.

One of those spirited out of the country was Prince Ahmed bin Salmana media mogul and champion racehorse owner whose phone numbers were provided years later by terrorist Abu Zubaydah to interrogators he believed to be Saudi. Relieved to be in the hands of Saudis, he instructed the interrogators to call the prince. And sincewhen al-Qaeda carried out an attack in Saudi Arabia, the country has reportedly been less obstructionist and more willing to partner with the United States in stopping individual terrorists.

Yet the Bush administration has never faced the same level of scrutiny or hysteria for its ties to the Saudis as Trump and his inner circle are now undergoing for their Russian connections. But while Bush and his family stand out for the extent and sheer brazenness of their Saudi connections, fealty to Saudi Arabia has always been a bipartisan affair. Congress overrode his veto.