Ethiopias relationship with kenya

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ethiopias relationship with kenya

Its information minister Yemane Gebre Meskel had previously told the BBC that relations could not be resolved until Ethiopia withdrew "from the. As the Ethiopian Airlines flight descends into Addis Ababa, it is clear that “ Kenya and Ethiopia already have strong relations in other areas. He said that the special relationship between Kenya and Ethiopia, which includes a defence pact, has ensured that the two nations have.

Opportunities exist for Kenyans to invest in Ethiopia especially in the food and beverages, financial and dairy sectors. Ironically, Ethiopia imports beverages from South Africa yet Kenya could easily meet this demand. It is also a key exporter of cereals, vegetables, copper, ores, tyres and concentrates, textile yarns, spices to Kenya, and has an effective Ethiopian Commodity Exchange — a trading platform for agricultural commodities from which we can learn a lot.

Ethiopia also has various opportunities in trading with us, especially if we look at our mobile sector and more specifically niche products such as MPESA. In comparison, our robust ICT sector has received global recognition with newer innovations emerging to transform various aspects of our economy, hence raising our profile as a competitive business environment, Moreover our economy has indeed grown from an industrious banking sector, which can benefit Ethiopian businesses.

ethiopias relationship with kenya

Despite recent shocks in the sector ours still remains sturdy thanks, in part, to policies instituted by the Central bank; which is also know-how that the Ethiopia can master in their quest to make their sector more liberal.

Indeed there are some few hurdles to our free trading and exchange of knowledge with Ethiopia for instance, the yet to be signed Free Trade Agreement that will see them become a member of COMESA.

Apart from political support, the two countries have also economic relations especially in exchange of commodities as well. On the other hand, the road which is being constructed from Addis to Nairobi is a testimony for Ethiopia and Kenya relations. Aklilu, 95 percent of the construction of the road from Nairobi side has been completed, and about 80 per cent has been completed from Ethiopian side. There are also intentions to connect with this country through railway in the long term.

There are also efforts to export energy to Kenya.

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Ethio-Kenya relations are strengthened by same communities along the border who share similar culture and language. Besides, Ethiopia has been significantly contributing in bringing reconciliation and ensuring sustainable peace in South Sudan.

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Ethiopia is trying to make sure that peace and stability prevails there. Their economic relations will be strengthened in the course of time. According to recent reports, Ethiopia plans to earn million USD annually from energy export bywhen the Ethio-Kenya electricity transmission and distributions line is completed.

ethiopias relationship with kenya

The emphases made by Kenya and Ethiopia to improve trade between themselves; the available trade figures between the two countries and the findings of the interviews carried out confirmed that trade contributed to co-oporative Kenya - Ethiopia relations.

Further findings especially those of trade figures between Kenya and Uganda and Kenya and Tanzania, however shows that Kenya traded more with her two East African neighbors Uganda and Tanzania.

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Those findings made us to argue that trade contributed to co-operative Kenya - Ethiopia relations only to a small extent. It was deduced that Somalia always aims at incorporating what was formerly the Northern Frontier District of Kenya and the Ogaden region of Ethiopia.

Kenya and Ethiopia however objects very strongly to Somalia's claims. The emphases to protect their territories against Somalia's claims were made in the 's, 's, 's and beginning of ' s. According to Kenya and Ethiopia, the realization of self - determination would violate the territorial integrity of Kenya and Ethiopia.

During the interviews, we noted that the convergence of the two countries' national interests based on the need to protect their territories against Somalia's claims made it imperative that they cooperate. In fact, the secur ity factor was the main factor that brought about the co-oporative Kenya - Ethiopia relations.

It was noted that, nearness cf Kenya and Ethiopia to each other, sharing of peaceful borders by Kenya and Ethiopia and Ethiopia's and Kenya's positions in the Horn of Africa made it imperative that the two countries co- oporate.

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During the interviews however, we confirmed that geopolitics contributed to co-oporative Kenya Ethiopia relations, but that it was not the factor which was significant in contributing to the two countries' co-operative relations.

Basing our argument on the findings of the written data and on those of the interviews, we conclude that the security factor was significant in contributing to co-oporative Kenya - Ethiopia.

Of the three hypotheses therefore, hypothesis two proved to be significant in contributing to co-operative Kenya - Ethiopia relations. A fact of shared interest therefore made it imperative that the two countries co-operate.