Phil jackson and michael jordan relationship with teammates

Michael Jordan vs. Kobe Bryant: Phil Jackson compares two of the NBA's greatest players

phil jackson and michael jordan relationship with teammates

Not until Phil Jackson became head coach and began to influence the young Jordan's presence and the trust he would put in his teammates would As the strength of relationships among the team improved, the Bulls'. his genial exterior—the same trait that once led to a fight with Chicago Bulls teammate Michael Jordan. Gregg Popovich and Phil Jackson. team effort, from coach Phil Jackson to superstar Michael Jordan to the Teammates were aware of special treatment for Jordan. He always felt they had a good relationship, even if he sometimes had to take a hard line.

Krause has messed everything up again. He can't do anything. He's probably one of the three greatest competitors of all time in any sport, the other two being Jake LaMotta and Muhammad Ali.

phil jackson and michael jordan relationship with teammates

Guys you had to kill to beat. If Michael knew what we tried to accomplish and the pitfalls and problems we ran into trying to obtain Walter Davishe probably wouldn't feel as frustrated.

But he doesn't, and we can't sit and explain to every player what moves we are trying to make. And we cannot single out one player and make him consultant to the general manager.

He liked Reinsdorf and respected him for his ability to make money; that and a low golf score ranked highest in qualities Jordan generally admired. In fact, Jordan had just gone into a partnership with Reinsdorf in a sports paraphernalia business, putting up his own money, something he didn't do casually. Reinsdorf was trying to put off renegotiating Jordan's contract by cutting him in on some investments.

But the league got wind of the plans and said that any such profits Jordan received would count under the Bulls' salary cap unless Jordan had invested his own money. Nonetheless, Jordan still didn't care for Reinsdorf's choice of general managers, and his outburst after the Davis deal, he told friends, was not merely out of frustration and emotion.

Several of Reinsdorf's minority partners in the Bulls had approached Jordan about getting Krause out. Reinsdorf was the team's managing partner under the original agreement, so he had total say on basketball operations.

Phil Jackson Q&A: Michael Jordan's flu game

No case could be made for mismanagement or violation of fiduciary responsibility since the Bulls were one of the most profitable teams in the league. So the partners went to Jordan. They, too, wanted Krause out, and only Jordan's outrage could do it. His eyes were hard and cold as he spoke.

I'm gonna get that guy fired yet.

phil jackson and michael jordan relationship with teammates

It was the first time Reinsdorf had ever invited a player to his home. Reinsdorf recognized that Krause had weaknesses, he told Jordan, but he believed Krause had done an adequate job. But he liked Krause's moxie. And the team was winning. So what was the problem?

Jordan insisted that Krause was incapable of making any but the draft-choice deals he'd made, that his lack of personal skills kept him from making serious deals and getting players who could already have helped the Bulls win a title. He wasn't a good judge of talent, Jordan said. The Bulls should have a former player as general manager. Baylor was one of the game's all-time greats, but the Los Angeles Clippers continued to sputter under his direction despite years of top draft picks.

It's why we don't do anything. Despite the team's success, Jordan said he still believed the team Krause had put together lacked the ability to win a title. Krause's recent first-round picks of Will Perdue, B. Armstrong and Stacey King weren't helping much; Grant was playing well, but he couldn't be trusted and neither could Pippen. Jordan said he'd warned them about trading for Dennis Hopson - even gave up money at their request - and why was all this time being spent on Toni Kukoc?

The Bulls didn't need him and he wasn't going to be any good anyway. And Jordan thought the coaches were wrong about not needing Walter Davis.

They needed the scoring off the bench, and come playoff time everyone would notice. The Bulls also needed another frontcourt player.

We're working on several deals, but every time you come out criticizing the general manager, it makes it look like Jerry has to do something and that makes it harder on us. People start thinking we're desperate and want to take advantage of us.

But, the first time I saw him was coming in the locker room, yeah. We set him up.

Paxson: Earning Jordan’s trust key to Bulls’ first title | Chicago Bulls

He was out of that kind of thing and he had a comfort, like massage table or training table, probably in the shower if I remember right and I went back to see him, to see how he was, and he said he was going to play. He felt like crap, but he was going to play. We got behind in the second quarter and came back and so we were kind of in better spirits at halftime. I think some of his headaches [subsided].

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You know, Ronnie Harper always thought it was a bad food type of thing. But, the headaches are associated with altitude. But then, the fatigue in the fourth quarter was really obvious. He had nothing left to go on. He shot it short. It bounced low and bounced back to him and he was able to get it. Three-point shooting was not something that he was really an avid fan of doing.

I think he accepted 3-point shots were a difference-maker in the games and we had 3-point specialists on our team in [Steve] Kerr and [Jud] Buechler and a variety of other players that we had in [with us] that were 3-point shooters. I mean, he had enough time.

Paxson: Earning Jordan’s trust key to Bulls’ first title

It always looked a little bit funny, his deep shots. He was a great post-up shooter, but he got to be really good from distance.

phil jackson and michael jordan relationship with teammates

You have to trust your jumper a little bit. What does that make you think of? Save yourself for the other end of the floor where you can score. Not only does Scottie give him a hug, but it looks like he also was leaning on him for some support.

We believed it was about Utah, how good they were on their home floor. Because, they had great homecourt abilities.

Phil Jackson Q&A: Michael Jordan's flu game - Los Angeles Lakers Blog- ESPN

But, we knew if we could get one game on their court, that would ensure us the opportunity to win one out of two on our court. So, that was really crucial. Fish was emotionally very spent. It was a very emotional game for him and so players came over to support him.

Michael was physically spent. I think emotionally, I think he was really good. But he was really fatigued after that game. I think it makes them focus. I think it makes them just focus on what they got going right there and it kind of hones down a wider scope into really more of a prism.

But that can last for a half or a quarter or whatever else that you stay focused. In that situation, that he could do it from being the state he was at was even more remarkable.