26 month age gap relationship

26 month age gap relationship

I know everyone has differing opinions on what the best age gap is but for those with a age gap how was it? I. Jade said the year age gap has caused people to make At this point, her parents, who she does not wish to name. We explore the pros and cons of age gaps between siblings to help you decide the Having another baby before your.

My dad was not there to see me graduate from school or university, see me pass my driving test or have a pint with me on my 18th birthday. Twenty-plus years on, my mother has not remarried and I often worry about her being lonely or unfulfilled.

But my experience has taught me that a large age difference is of no real concern: Fleeting thoughts of selfishness on their part occasionally surface — they both knew how old Dad would be when I would be a teenager — but they gave me the best upbringing I could imagine.

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What more could a child want? They had three boys together. My siblings were uniformly horrified, and some refused to be civil to him up to the time of his death, aged Some common assumptions are that young women marrying a much older man are looking for security. I believe, from my experience, that it is indeed true — as it probably is for the better half of all women entering into marriage, regardless of age. My father revelled in starting a new family and endlessly doted on his new bride.

From my perspective, she did love him and cooked incessantly for him, always trying to please him … quite the contrary to my dear departed mother. He was in seventh heaven, and quite frankly, I am very thankful she married him.

26 month age gap relationship

I say to all who seek such unions, more power to you, we need more happiness in this world! He's 28 years my senior. At the time I was headstrong and eager to speed life up. Out of school only one year, I'd started an accountancy course. It's probably no coincidence that I was also hunting for a mortgage at the same time and looking for a husband.

I had a doll's house mindset. The thought of living alone made me nervous, and setting up a home seemed the most practical way of avoiding this.

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My husband was a successful designer, had worked overseas and was thinking of retirement. We got on very well, had similar interests and senses of humour.

26 month age gap relationship

I became pregnant almost immediately. There were eyes raised at the beginning of our relationship; an expectation from people that I was "chosen" for youth and looks. But we've been together over 20 years now, and our age difference is now rarely mentioned.

There have, however, been pros and cons to our situation. When I was young I tended to hang on his word — he is clever and has had a lot of life experience. But as I matured, tensions sometimes set in. I developed my own opinions and became less willing to be lectured or talked down to. I also gave up education to parent our children: This is partly to do with insecurity; he has mentioned being worried that I will find a "younger model" to replace him with.

One day, I'll have to think about health issues — in fact, I do wonder about how I would perform as his carer — but so far he's had amazing health. But there are a lot of pros, too. What was your schedule like with your oldest during the day outside of the newborn waking every 3 hours?

How much help did you need? Was it fairly easy to get both kids on a somewhat similar schedule? My husband is military and while we are hoping he will get out soon I might have to deal with long work days and maybe deployments on my own which is a bit terrifying. I'm definitely wanting them closer together than I thought but I'm trying my best to not completely overwhelm myself having another too soon. Oldest Newest 17 Posts t toomuchtequila I have a 7 week old and a 2 and a half year old.

26 month age gap relationship

I've always wanted my kids close together, we actually tried for a while before i got pregnant. My older one loves his sister and has actually been better behaved since the baby. It's hard work but not that bad. Honestly, it wasn't all that bad. One of the biggest things for me was getting them to share a nap and once my daughter got on a schedule at approximately 4 months, that happened.

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When she was really little, I made sure to make special one-on-one time for my son and that prevented a lot of jealousy. I also didn't let the fact that she was a newborn or baby a December baby at that! We went to baby story time for my son who loved the interaction and playtime away from home.

The beginning was far more stressful for me but that was because I'm awful at making reading any queues and putting them down frequently for naps, creating schedules and usually wait for them to develop. I'm also a doer so not being able to get as much done was hard but no made it work.

26 month age gap relationship

For us, the benefits far outweighed the hard parts. Now our plan was to have a third next year and have a 3. They even enjoy the same things so I'm not being pulled in two differing directions. My 3rd is 5months and sometime I worry about their being too much or an age gap for her to have things in common with her sisters. Pregnancy was fine but I have easy pregnancies comparatively and after ds2 was born my oldest did great.

We read a lot of books to prepare him and he was very excited and happy with the baby.

26 month age gap relationship

No neg feelings or resentment towards baby. Scheduling was hard because my ds2 had colic and hated the car so we unfortunately had to adapt and not go out as much because my ds2 screamed so much but I just gave a lot of attention to ds1 while holding it baby wearing ds2 and he eventually outgrew it. Also when my ds2 was 6mo my ds1 was 3 and started part time preschool so he went to school 2 mornings a week