7 of cups reversed relationship advice

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7 of cups reversed relationship advice

Seven of Cups minor arcana tarot card meaning & reversed card meaning in the context of love, relationships, money, career, health & spirituality all free!. Crystal Clear Reflections - Tarot Energy Reading - Spiritual guidance Seven of Cups (R) - You are experiencing worry, anxiety and fear - feeling timid. Tarot Advice - Guidance in Every Card: Seven of Cups - the Seven of Cups symbolizes many choices. How will you make the right decision?.

At present, he is not really sure. The Cups Figure intends to put every aspect of his life under a microscope. As we arrive at the scene, it has already begun. We have entered the room quietly, so as not to disturb him. They are not physically there of course but are very real to the Cups Figure. Their method of transportation, a Cloud. What was being offered was not tangible but could be brought into manifestation with effort. Should he reach out to touch one, it would merely dissipate and vanish.

It also suggests that he will work both night and day, internally and externally until he finds what he is looking for. This is certainly a challenging task and the risk of getting side-tracked or distracted is quite possible.

The Figure stares at the Seven Cups floating in front of him and spends much time considering each. In the First Cup rests a Mask or Face which represents his public persona and is the mask he wears in the outside world. This is the part of him that conforms to what society demands, and behaves in a controlled and pleasing manner which people around him are used to. The Figure needs to ask himself whether the Mask is a true representation of himself or a front to please others.

Does this Mask make him happy? Is this really who he is? What would happen should he chose to leave the Mask at home one day? Would people notice at all or would they find him strange and uncomfortable?

Tarot Card Interpretation & Meaning - 7 Of Cups Reversed

Would they like him? Who is he trying to please? He knows that this Snake represents his sexuality. He needs to determine what his needs are in this area. Is he happy and comfortable with who he is or is it tied up with the Mask in the first Cup?

7 of cups reversed relationship advice

Does he consider sex as a healthy part of being human or is it something that is hidden or shameful? The Snake also represents rebirth and renewal. Snakes have the ability to shed their skin during various stages of their growth. This makes them open to change and adaptability. The Figure must ask how prepared he is to shed the skin of his old life if he is to grow and develop.

On another level, The Snake represents his creativity and asks how he uses the gifts and talents he was born with. Is he fulfilled in this area? Has he tapped into his abilities? How creative is he in finding solutions to problems or issues in his life?

In the Third Cup stands a tall Castle or Fortress. Is his home and home life a place of sanctuary or a place of dread and depression? Of what importance to him are bricks and mortar and does it matter where he lives. The Castle also represents his goals and aspirations. His Castle appears very tall. How successful has he been in achieving his goals? What is he doing to realise his ambitions? Are his goals still relevant or does he need to adapt or change them just like the Snake does with its skin?

Will they bring him the happiness he seeks? Again, the Figure must ask some tough questions of himself and it is with money and possessions the answers can be difficult to voice. Does he feel that he has enough or is there a craving for more? There certainly seems to be a lot in his Cup. Can he expect money to buy him happiness or is just having plenty of it comforting? Would money be an important factor in forming a relationship?

Does he hold unrealistic dreams about winning the lotto or becoming rich? Is it all just wishful thinking or does he have the real ability to become financially secure or wealthy. In what order of importance does money come? Could he live happily without it? Has it brought him happiness in the past or did it complicate life? This symbolically represents his successes, personal achievements and personal power.

He must now define what success means to him. How successful does he feel? What has he achieved in life that he is proud of? What are his personal strengths?

Where does he excel in life?

Seven of Cups in Love and Relationships

Does he consider himself a success or failure? Does he require, trophies, certificates and awards to feel successful or does it come from within? Is he proud of who he is? Is he doing all to realise his potential? Has success changed him? In the Sixth Cup a Dragon or Lizard prepares to pounce. This symbolically represents his inner demons, his shadow-self. It also represents his animalistic and instinctual nature. Does he shun this side of him in an attempt to repress it or does he let it run wild and free when no one is looking?

Does it fill him with shame or would he feel relieved to bring it out in the open? Is he prepared to embrace and own his shadow-self so that he may understand himself better? Could integration of the self bring the ultimate true inner-happiness he desires? Standing in the Cup with arms outstretched is a Shrouded Figure.

The shroud conceals the face and upper body. The Shrouded Figure also symbolises his Spiritual Self and he must ask how much attention he gives to it. He must remember he has a spiritual duty aswell as a physical one. The Seventh Cup acts as his Holy Grail and now understands the purpose of his journey. The identity of the Seventh Cup will only be revealed when the Cups Figure has put in the necessary inner work and has answered all the questions with courage and honesty. As he stands mesmerised in front of the Seven Cups, he realises he has much to contemplate and reflect on.

There are areas of his life that he has never questioned before or even thought about. He now needs to understand where and how he fits into his new world and what he has to offer it. He must decide what he wants out of life and how he is going to go about it. He must put all his effort into the work at hand and then prepare to move on in life. He should have matured and feel comfortable and proud of who he is.

He owes it to himself and there can be no turning back now. His friends and family may have an idea of what would make him happy and how he should live his life but the time has come for him to take ownership of his personal happiness, his life and his world. The best person right now to determine that is himself.

A lot of inner and outer work has to be done and he may find meditation quite beneficial.

7 of cups reversed relationship advice

On the top shelf of the cloud, only three cups remain. She is represented by the High Priestess because she is holding the veil between this world and the astral world. This cup holds the Moon. The snake to the right of the veiled woman symbolizes mercury and the Magician. This cup represents an ouroborus, which is a snake biting its own tail. And of course, the Magicians magical figure 8 reminding us that the universe is really a gigantic infinity sign swing back and forth.

7 of cups reversed relationship advice

The last cup holds a beautiful woman's face, which represents the Empress, Venus and beauty. The cups have multiple choices in them some of them not based in reality. Seven of Cups Interpretation and Divination The Seven of Cups warns not to give in to temptation, seduction, or addiction. These are temporary and not built on a solid foundation.

The Rider-Waite version of these cards shows seven cups filled with different choices. The cups are floating in the clouds. The clouds represent illusion and the choices are our choices in everyday life.

7 of cups reversed relationship advice

The Seven of Cups indicates being intoxicated with illusion, glamour, daydreams, and building castles in the sky. You may not even be able to see reality. This can also indicate drug addiction because when we are high, nothing is clear and nothing is real. Illusions are easily built.

The Seven (VII) of Cups – Truly Teach Me Tarot

The Seven of Cups can indicate having no direction because of too many choices. Perhaps you are sitting around daydreaming too much. The Seven of Cups can indicate that your financial position maybe built on false beliefs about money. The Seven of Cups is similar to the Devil and the Moon. This might be the "He's just not that into you," card. Another approach to the Seven of Cups in love can indicate that you are falling in love to fast. It can be an illusion when you do this.

It isn't built on anything solid and you have a feeling of "walking on air. Seven of Cups as Feelings You are feeling in love with someone or something that is probably just a fantasy. It's the feeling we get when we fall head-over-heals in love with someone, but we know nothing about this person.

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You may also be feeling like you have too many choices and all of them look good. It's like going into your favorite restaurant and not being able to decide between which meal to order, so you end up order two appetizers, one entree, order for your spouse so you can share with them and finish that off with a dessert.

You order too much food and get to take it all home in a doggie bag for later. Rely on your sexy, seductive side to spice up your life. On a normal level, the Seven of Cups as advise is asking you to make a decision. Get your head out of the clouds and look at the situation for how it really is. Ask yourself some important questions about your boyfriend, colleague, wife or children.

Are you seeing things as they really are or are you imagining them the way you want them to be? Seven of Cups as an Action When the Seven of Cups shows upright, it could end up being a card of inaction. A person tries to fit all the options into their life and ends up making a mess.

When this card comes up as the action you should sit back and really think about what you want because not all those choices are good ones.