Blood group relationship marriage articles

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blood group relationship marriage articles

Apr 8, Jiji Nigeria Blog ❤➜➜ Blood Group Compatibility For Marriage For Creating Healthy Family!➜➜❤ Couples should thoroughly consider the question of blood group compatibility Room Furniture Designs in Nigeria · Next article How Do You Find Houses for Rent . Healthy Relationship Tips For Couples. Nov 14, blood type dating and marriage. Here is the article in full: MARRY into the SAME BLOOD GROUP Says Scientist! The secret of a really happy. Aug 13, Infohealth Awareness Article A Publication Series By SIRONigeria Global Limited BLOOD GROUP AND GENOTYPE COMPATIBILITY Okoduwa, S.I.R. . Someone with the genotype AA can marry across. That is AA marries.

The good bit about the people with this blood type is that they lack antibodies in their plasma making them universal acceptor. It you have O negative blood type then you are lucky because you lack Rhesus factor. Types of marriages in Ghana Blood group compatibility for marriage chart Blood group for marriage chart such as the once below tells you that you should always marry or get married to a person with the same blood type as you.

In simple words, you should get married or marry a person who can donate blood to you.

Blood Group Compatibility For Marriage For Creating Healthy Family! | Blog

Let us give you a summary of blood group matching for marriage. For a lady all blood types are compatible. O negative blood type group For a man, all blood type are compatible while a lady perfect guy match should be of blood type O. For a woman a perfect man to get married to should of blood type B- or O. Kenyan doctor donates his own blood to save life of his patient Where to test for blood type compatibility Blood type marriage compatibility can only be conducted via a laboratory test.

What the doctor does is to mix your blood with 3 samples of A, B, and Rhesus factor of antibodies to know if there are presence of antigens or not. The vital thing is to detect your blood types then seek precautions from the doctor. This is for the couple own good and that of their future children. This is because your blood group will never change it is usually transmitted from parents to their children.

What influences the blood groups? Well, a recent articleinforms us that it relates with the nutrition. Thalassemia major is a condition in which the child is dependent on blood transfusion for his entire life.

blood group relationship marriage articles

Doctors say that a thalassemia major child has to get blood transfusions every month to survive. One can avoid this situation by getting a complete blood count test during pregnancy.

Experts suggest that two thalassemia minor parents should avoid child birth.

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This is because regular supply of blood for blood transfusion can be an extremely expensive task. This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion.

Best blood group compatibility for marriage

Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. Blood groups have a hereditary basis and depend upon a series of alternative genes, a fact sometimes utilized in solving the problems of disputed parentage. It must be emphasized that when an Rh-ve woman is married to an Rh positive man, the chance for her becoming sensitized to the Rh antigen and thus having children affected with haemolytic red cell breakdown disease of the new-born is relatively small.

The overall incidence of haemolytic disease of the newborn due to this problem is about 1 in of all pregnancies. Usually, sensitization due to pregnancy practically never results in haemolytic disease in the first child; on the other hand, sensitization due to previous blood transfusion may cause the first child to be affected. Even in the few cases where sensitization occurs, the affected child can still be effectively treated.

blood group relationship marriage articles

There is a drug that can be used to prevent sensitization if the Rhesus status of the couple is known initially. Know your blood group and genotype.

Blood group compatibility for marriage

Help in preventing genetic diseases by marrying a partner of compatible genotype. Determine the Rhesus status of every newly-born child. Consult your obstetrician during pregnancy. Genotype compatibility section of this article was put together with help from Dr. How to know your Genotype without blood test The only way you can know your genotype for sure without having a blood test is if your parents know for sure that both of their genotype is AA.