Female family relationship tree

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female family relationship tree

(Lord Dark Helmet and Lone Starr, discussing family relationships in the this fattens the family tree, creating new relationships like sister and niece . ants the males have only half as much genetic information as females. A genogram is composed of a series of symbols representing male, female, marriage, A genogram is a graphic representation of a family tree that displays the the user to analyze family, emotional and social relationships within a group. Find family tree Stock Images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations, and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Thousands of new .

A family is shown by an horizontal line connecting the two. The children are placed below the family line from the oldest to the youngest, left to right. Although this may sound obvious, it will be very important to remember these rules when the situation becomes a bit more complex. The following case is a husband with three spouses.

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The husband had three children with the first wife, then divorced. The husband married the second wife, had one child and separated.

The husband currently lives with another woman. A Husband with Multiple Spouses Reversing the scenario where the wife had multiple husbands, we get the following genogram: A Wife with Multiple Husbands The second scenario is the same as the first one, except the female spouse had three husbands.

She had three children with her first husband and divorced.

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The wife married another man, had one child with him and now lives with someone else. Please notice the oldest child is always at the left most position of the family of his biological parents.

female family relationship tree

In this scenario, the "Oldest Brother" is older than the twins and the half sister, however the half-sister must be placed under the family of her biological parents. Since the second marriage is after the first marriage, it follows that the half sister is younger than the children from the first marriage.

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The half sister therefore appears to the left, although she is not the oldest child. If you are confused, please read this paragraph again. In summary, here are the four rules to build a genogram: The male parent is always at the left of the family and the female parent is always at the right of the family.

In the case of ambiguity, assume a male-female relationship, rather than male-male or female-female relationship. The oldest child is always at the left his family, the youngest child is always at the right his family. To simplify your genealogy layout, it is acceptable to swap the husband and wife as long as there is only a single family involved.

female family relationship tree

There is no ambiguity to have the wife at the left position, as long as each spouse have had only one partner. The four rules are there to remove ambiguity. Possible ambiguity if rule 2 is ignored By ignoring rule 2, we could interpret the scenario of a wife with multiple husbands as a man who had two male partners and one female partner.

The figure above has the same arrangement as a wife with multiple husbandsexcept the children have been removed and the families are all colored black. As you can see, it could be possible Max and Carl were together, then Max lived with Joe and finally Max lived with Kathy. By following rule 2the Joe-Kathy relationship has precedence over the Max-Carl relationship.

female family relationship tree

It follows Carl is Kathy's second husband, and Max the third husband. Wrong Genogram Layout The following figure represent a wrong genogram layout for Kathy with three husbands. Wrong genogram layout for Kathy having three husbands The idea here is to show Kathy had three husbands, however there is a problem with the figure: The problem is that rule 3 has not been followed.

By looking carefully at this genogram, we get a completely different outcome. Joe and Kathy have never been together because it breaks rule 1. Carl was Kathy's first husband rule 1 and rule 3. Carl left Kathy and decided to live with Joe rule 3. In the case of a miscarriage, there is a diagonal cross drawn on top of the triangle to indicate death.

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Abortions have a similar display to miscarriages, only they have an additional horizontal line. A still birth is displayed by the gender symbol; the diagonal cross remains the same size, but the gender symbol is twice as small.

Genogram Symbols for Children's Links and Pregnancy Terminations In the case of multiple births such as twins, triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets, sextuplets, septuplets, octuplets, or more, the child links are joined together. GenoPro uses the term twin to describe any type of multiple birth. With GenoPro, creating twins is as simple as a single click on the toolbar button "New Twins". GenoPro take cares of all the drawing, including joining the lines together.

female family relationship tree

Identical twins or triplets In the example below, the mother gave birth to fraternal twin brothers, identical twin sisters and triplets, one of whom died at birth. Child links are joined for multiple births such as twins and triplets In addition to this, GenoPro supports medical genograms by using color codes and special drawing in the gender symbol. To learn more, please visit medical genograms.