Imsi msisdn relationship quiz

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imsi msisdn relationship quiz

represents a relationship between two entities, such as ownership of a vehicle by a person or a . The IMSI is one of the pieces of information stored on a SIM card . The purpose of the MSISDN is simply to allow a device to be called. whose MSISDN is in the Message Waiting Data file. Similarly “IMSI” is available in MO_FSM as conditional parameter and shall be included if the . is to receive international SMS only through SMS hubs having relationship with all the . IP ○ Categories Protocol News Project ○ Application Quiz Statistics Telephony. [1] The MSISDN together with IMSI are two important numbers used for The IMEI only identifies the device and has no particular relationship to the subscriber .

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Blacklists of stolen devices When someone has their mobile equipment stolen or lost, they can ask their service provider to block the phone from their network, and the operator does so if required by law. This blacklisting makes the device unusable on any operator that uses the CEIR, which makes mobile equipment theft pointless, except for parts. However, a phone's IMEI may be easy to change with special tools. Spoofed IMEI can thwart all efforts to track handsets, or target handsets for lawful intercept.


This ensures that the handset is quickly unusable for calls, at most within 48 hours. The NMPR draws its information from many property databases. One of the databases consulted is Immobilise,[10] which allows optional and free registration of devices by the public. Such registration ensures that a device coming into police possession may be easily reunited with its registered owner.

imsi msisdn relationship quiz

The service allows up to three lookups per day[12] and checks against a database that is updated daily by the three major mobile network operators. A blocked IMEI cannot be connected to any of these three operators. In some countries, such blacklisting is not customary.

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Inmajor network companies in the United States, under government pressure, committed to introducing a blacklisting service, but it's not clear whether it will interoperate with the CEIR. Only then the mobile will be able to use the network services. So to identify the user in this scenario, the IMSI of the subscriber is used.

The IMEI is the mobile phone's identity which is burned into the phone. You can change the phone number of the phone without changing its IMSI the sim card.

imsi msisdn relationship quiz

By separating the three identities, it makes it easy for subscribers to easily upgrade phones without having to change phone numbers or accounting information. Related to this and the points made above about the language of the article, I made a change, the article says: It is not, as is noted in the comments. The MSISDN is in a master table accessed by all operators when calls related to that number are routed from and to the recipient.

imsi msisdn relationship quiz

It is lying next to the current IMSI associated with that number Please do not modify it. Subsequent comments should be made in a new section on the talk page. No further edits should be made to this section. The result of the proposal was Move.

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Apparently, the confusion is present both in real world and among editors; it's best to leave it at abbreviated title and elaborate on variety of interpretations in the article. Since polling is not a substitute for discussionplease explain your reasons, taking into account Wikipedia's naming conventions.

imsi msisdn relationship quiz

However, if no consensus can be reached on this, the second best name would be Mobile Subscriber Integrated Services Digital Network Number which is the full printout of the abbreviation today used by the most organizations.