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So let's say we have a and b. And let's say when a is one, b is three. And when a is two, b is six. And when a is 10, b is So here-- you might say look, look when a is one, b is three so the ratio b to a-- you could say b to a-- you could say well when b is three, a is one.

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Or when a is one, b is three. So three to one. And that's also the case when b is six, a is two.

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Or when a is two, b is six. So it's six to two. So these ratios seem to be the same. But then all of sudden the ratio is different right over here.

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This is not equal to 35 over So this is not a proportional relationship. In order to be proportional the ratio between the two variables always has to be the same. So this right over here-- This is not proportional. So the key in identifying a proportional relationship is look at the different values that the variables take on when one variable is one value, and then what is the other variable become?

And then take the ratio between them. Here we took the ratio y to x, and you see y to x, or y divided by x-- the ratio of y to x is always going to be the same here so this is proportional. And you could actually gone the other way. You could have said, well what's the ratio of x to y?

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Well over here it would be one to three, which is the same thing as two to six, which is the same thing as nine to The service will guide you through a simple process of: You will see a screen showing that the job is being submitted Approving the Print A screen will be displayed showing details of the print job and, in particular, what it will cost. At this stage, you can choose to Cancel or Submit Job to Printer.

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