Unwelcome relationship by madhu part 29

unwelcome relationship by madhu part 29

psychological insecurity on part of the mother and the daughter also tend to affect the mother daughter relationship as envisaged in the novel is typically. class counter-parts, and are more advantaged economically. Their easier .. motherhood, widowhood, mother-daughter relationship, female education and independence Madhu and Som in her novel SmaN Remedies. Madhu has no . Page 29 . enough to lose her child at the railway station and was unwanted by her. Unnamed Relation - Ek Benaam Rishta. K Reads K Votes 5 Part Story. rabiha01 By rabiha01 Ongoing - Updated Feb Embed Story · Share via.

And you did that. Now why the hell then you expected me to chnage for Khushi? She accepted me for what I was. Did you anytime see me flirting around with someone else when I am committed to Lavanya? Because I wont wish to do it anymore.

I am changing for her. I was doing the same for you too. But you never noticed it. You never felt it.

unwelcome relationship by madhu part 29

You know what Khushi. You were confused then when I was with you. He said that all angrily and she had tears in her eyes. She could see how hurt he was by her. But she too was hurt.

And this time after listening all this she was much clear what she wanted.

unwelcome relationship by madhu part 29

Why would I call you Arnav. I never felt anything for you that time? Till you came back. I was actually confused. I didnt even know if you loved me. Everytime we met, you tried being more physical to me than understanding me what I wanted.

And not just that You even got enagaged to her. Arnav turned back and pinned her again to the Car.

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I am not engaged to her. She is my Cousin NK's Fiancee. I never loved her. I can never love anyone in my life Khushi other than you. I always loved you. Why cant you understand that? YOu mean all this while you were just acting? Trying to make me feel jealous? I was such a fool to believe what was happening in front of my eyes. You believe in what you see. Cant you read my eyes Khushi.?? I always wanted to Arnav. But your words were more enough than anything else.

Remember that contract you made me sign before engagement? What was that haan? No true lover would ever make his love do that.

Did you ever read that papers Khushi? There was no such contract between us. I was just pulling your legs. It was the property papers I made you sign.

I had purchased an island on your name and planned this surprise for our wedding night. But I knew your morals would never ever let you accept the property till you legally get married to me.

So I didnt tell you the truth that time. And they were urgent so I had to make you sign them on engagement day. Why do you think I went to Office on our engagement day? It was to make those damm property papers Khushi got another shock of the day. She was so much tensed. So many truths were out and she had no idea how she should be responding to them. Arnav cupped her face and then looked in her eyes. I dont want you to get more confused. I dont want to force you either. You still need time to think of our relationship then do take it.

But do not take a hasty decision now and deny. Please think over it again. Khushi removed his hands from her cheeks and she opened the car door and sat inside.

He knew she was in no mood to talk now.

She sat on his seat and then drove to Gupta House. He dropped her and she went inside without even saying a Bye.

unwelcome relationship by madhu part 29

He came back home. He was very tired. After all the talks with Khushi today he felt that atleast the misunderstandings between them have started to get cleared. He waited eagerly for the next day to meet her. He told some details about their conversation to Lavanya and she too asked him to relax as she knew Khushi would be taking a wise decision. They both left for the office and saw Khushi already in with Akash.

She was wearing a light pink chudidar and she was talking to Akash on some project. She too looked at him and then continued talking. She still looked nervous and not in mood to question anything.

Lavanya went for her shoot and Arnav was in his cabin. As I will be busy with the team and Lavanya. May be you can give some company to NK. I will get ready. She said that and left for shower. He too returned back to his room and then got dressed. Khushi wore a beautiful Red Saree again today and Arnav was finding it damm hard to control. He was trying his best to keep his eyes off her. His eyes were ditching him everytime. They roamed on her bare back, her waist and her hands, neck whenever she talked with the Team during the shoot.

She then sat with NK in one corner of the room and was chatting with him. She was sometimes seeing him if he looked at her and she knew he did. She had left her hair and she really looked adorable. NK went to get some snacks for them And Khushi was sitting all alone. Arnav came next to her and then sat beside her.

I think you should start for the Hotel. We will be late you know. Why do you look so uncomfortable with me around you today? You want to know the truth? Because seeing you in red I am going all crazy. I dont want to do something which I had promised you I wont. Thats your test today then. I will be with you till tonight Wont even leave you for a single minute alone.


Incase you still show me your controlled nature. And I will be ready to marry you anytime you wish. But if you dont then. I will still take my own sweet time to think. May be week, month or a year more.

unwelcome relationship by madhu part 29

Thats hard one Khushi. Cant we simplify it a bit? Ok if thats the case then I too have something for you. Incase I win then you have to fulfil that wish which I told you a year back after making the Lunch for you. I dont remember it. Listen it again then "I want you to dip your finger in the chocolate sauce and then apply it on anyone part of my naked body and lick that sauce from there".

I wont do that. So you mean you sure I will win? I didnt mean that either. But I cant do this. Then I dont accept the Challenge that you gave me. He said that and went to Lavanya again and was talking to her when she placed her hand on his shoulder from behind.

So my time starts now. He said that and then went back to his work. Khushi was hardly getting time to make him lose.