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fox swap meet lincoln

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We changed the program almost every day and ran films from the entire history of film, premiered many experimental and alternative films, and ran a program of live music and plays, until we sold the business to Landmark Theaters in I also had a film production facility above the theater starting in and housed our celebrated light show called The Single Wing Turquoise Bird in the studio. It is a good read! Enjoy it at http: A prior theater called the Venice Theater was located on the boardwalk as part of the pier complex, later to be known as Pacific Ocean Pier.

I believe that theater burned down, which was why the Fox Venice was built. Landmark ran the Fox Venice theater for a couple of years after us but ran into financial trouble and sold it to Rafigh Pooya, who played mostly foreign films.

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In inspectors discovered that the acoustical treatment in the theater contained asbestos and summarily closed it. No one could come up with the funding to do the cleanup and restore the building as a theater.

I hope you enjoy the write-up on the Virtual Venice site above. And there are many, many more wonderful stories about the fox Venice. If anyone has questions feel free to contact me - rol at murrow dot info RMurrow on July 4, at The opening feature that night was the 20th. It had a loge section with cushier seats that required a more expensive ticket, a huge screen and for the time a good sound system.

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The Fox had 'cry rooms' at the back, glassed in rooms with their own speakers ostensibly for theatergoers to bring their babies to. During the boom years of its existence a Fox Venice schedule was the hip accessory for every self-respecting refrigerator door in Los Angeles.

The theatre's mailing list read like a who's-who of the entertainment industry. The schedules printed by Peace Press during the Cumberland tenure featured, on the front, pictorial representations of the films, usually double features, and on the back, capsule descriptions telling why each and every one was a must-see. For some people that was true, and they came almost every night!

fox swap meet lincoln

The schedule included a notice to filmmakers: We are screening and cataloging many films, many rarely seen, for possible exhibition," and alerted them that the theatre was available during the day for special screenings in 35mm or 16mm formats.

On another occasion, the back of the schedule said, "Our audiences want to see your short films! Our audiences are distinctly expressive in their appreciation!

Fox Venice Theater

The Fabulous Fox may even be able to qualify your film for Academy Award consideration. A number of producers and directors agreed, and loaned their pristine personal prints to the theatre to run in place of the scratched-up general release prints.

The fare was generally new and different every day of the week.

fox swap meet lincoln

You might find almost anything on the screen at the Fox. Documentaries about ancient bluesmen, political activists, Findhorn, the ballet. Such beloved oldies as Todd Browning's Freaks. There was always a fantastic variety of foreign films: