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prizes and a giant flea market the three-day event .. es emanating from Thompson International Speedway on Saturday, May The. March 15thth Texas Motor Speedway. Enjoy over 2, Northern California Car Shows & Swap Meets: June - NorCal Car Culture. Find this Pin and. Reply to: Jason Thompson Cell- Twitter @RacnJason79 E-mail- . Only raced 3 times in car was completely updated by BFR Chassis and frame .. The car will be at the Indoor Swapmeet at the Big E, Springfield Mass this Both 16″ They were used on a Nissan Pickup About % tread ( No.

Traylen had no idea if anyone would actually come to the program she had planned. Over time, that number grew. They have a great time. Details and updates regarding the program are available at facebook.

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Racing Components Nick Arias Jr. He became serious about hot rodding at the end of WWII and remembers being involved in his first organized drag race in California in At the time, Arias was working at Wayne Manufacturing, where he learned a lot about engines, pistons, cylinder heads and more.

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He started Arias Pistons in to manufacture forged pistons and components and kept refining engine configurations. InArias introduced what was then considered a state-of-the-art Hemi-head conversion for Big Block Chevys known as the "Hemi-Chevy. Initial races were held on short dirt tracks and a combined beach and highway oval course in Daytona.

Thompson Speedway’s Annual Swap Meet

Through his early career as a racer and fledgling promoter, France experienced the challenges of race promotion, from recruiting drivers and spreading the word to creating the tracks, hiring ticket-takers and generating a profit. France was convinced that a single, firmly governed sanctioning body was necessary for stock-car racing to succeed. He gathered a group of race promoters, drivers and mechanics for the first National Association for Stock Car Automobile Racing in France eventually gained the support of automobile industry executives to build the world's first and fastest super speedway in Daytona.

In the Daytonathe concept of drafting was discovered and ushered in the aerodynamic era.

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Big Bill pioneered developments in safety, organization, infrastructure, scoring and purses. All of these developments enabled racing to reach new levels of professionalism and respect within the arena of professional sports.

Mark Heffington, Hypertech Inc. Mark Heffington began his career in the aftermarket industry as the chief cam designer for Crane Cams.

InHeffington founded Cam Dynamics—at the time a leading manufacturer of high-performance and racing camshafts. Soon after, he began consulting on camshaft design and engineering and became a consultant for United Technologies and General Motors.

With the concept of computer-controlled engines beginning to emerge, Heffington understood how computer-controlled tuning could significantly impact the performance industry. Inhe founded Hypertech Inc. Now in its 27th year, Hypertech is still a leader of engine tuning products.

Heffington is also a two-time winner of the Popular Mechanics Editor's Choice award for product innovation. Bob Larivee competed in a Soap Box Derby in Detroit at the age of 11, which ignited his passion for automobiles. ByLarivee had founded a small car show company named Promotions Inc. Larivee and Promotions Inc.

His efforts, such as the development of uniform judging systems and standard rules and categories for the popular car shows, helped to bring more prestige to the car show circuit.