Wnymba bicycle swap meet and expo

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wnymba bicycle swap meet and expo

Still an auction find that's not a department store bicycle .or the WNYMBA is hosting the 9th Annual Bicycle Swap Meet and Expo at. //webob.info webob.info -states/coldwater/31st-annual-swap-meet-car-show-pagecoldwater-mi/ Tables available for WNYMBA bike swap Bicycling Association will be holding its eighth annual Bicycle Swap Meet and Expo Sunday, March.

The vision came to fruition this summer when 15 mountain bikers set off to make the three-day, mile journey. The route consisted of three areas: In essence, Sundquist wanted to field verify map-geek speak the route to see how the two regions tied together by riding the maximum amount of dirt. The ultimate goal would be to build support for replacing the few stretches of pavement with singletrack and to promote the area as a mountain biking destination for riders from the East Coast to the Midwest and beyond.

Day One The morning of day one, riders were poring over maps to look at the route Sundquist had put together as others bustled to get their gear and food in order.

The true heroes of this ride — the shuttle drivers — loaded up our camping gear to drive it to our public-campground destinations. We were greeted with seemingly endless miles of buttery singletrack trails surrounded by a soft blanket of fern and moss. It was exactly what you would expect from traditional hand-built East Coast trail riding as we followed a thin brown ribbon of elation and fell into the rhythm of the trail.

These trails are the result of years of proactive advocacy work by WNYMBA and their dedicated volunteers, many of them along for this ride. Their bold approach to land-manager engagement has resulted in dozens of miles of new trails in Ellicottville, routes that exhibit great flow with enough technical features to keep the most seasoned rider on his or her toes.

Singletrack soon turned to dirt and gravel roads and then to pavement as we made our way into Salamanca, New York, where we then quickly ascended back onto dirt entering Allegany State Park. At the top of the climb, we rested at the future trailhead of a shovel-ready 8 mile trail called the Stone Tower Trail.

Up to mile 41, we had ridden almost entirely on dirt, aside from crossing the Allegheny River in Salamanca. At this point, we were at the high point of the ridge with extravagant views of Cain Hollow, where another planned 8 mile section of mostly downhill trail will flow directly into the Cain Hollow Campground.

Since the trail is only planned at this point, we had to pedal the longest paved section of the day to the campground. Day Two After breakfast, coffee and more coffee, we set off on a nearly 50 mile day made up of mostly oil service roads, some pavement and a small bit of singletrack peppered in for good measure. Our first big landmark of day two was the 42nd parallel, where New York turns into Pennsylvania.

We stayed on dirt until we descended almost directly into the backyard of Pete Dzirkalis, owner of a local Bradford, Pennsylvania, bike shop called Just Riding Along. Replenished, we hopped back onto our bikes to pedal just a few miles of pavement out of town before ducking back into the woods and making our way up the long climb on the beautiful Marilla Springs Trail. You seldom see ATVs on it, and it can best be described as two parallel singletracks through the woods.

This trail is fast, flowy and provided a satisfying departure from the oil and gas roads we pedaled for most of the day.

Staying on dirt, we dropped down to Sugar Bay of the Allegheny Reservoir, which marked the end of the day two route.

WNYMBA Bike Swap and Sale | Buffalo Rising

AN hopes to recognize Chad and Pat for their willingness to flex their hours and groom as best they can. Equipment No new snowmobile will be purchased by the park.

Depending on the outcome of the AN fundraising campaign, we may at least be able to pay for needed maintenance to the Scandic.

AN Fundraising We updated the park on our fundraising effort and the equipment we have identified for acquisition. We also asked the park to consider under what circumstances we can fundraise at the summit during the ski season. Chainsaw Training The park indicated we must take a chainsaw safety class in order to use this equipment on the trails.

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Communication ASP is now on Facebook. They seem genuinely enthused about it and our members on Facebook would do well to follow the park.

We thanked ASP for posting directly to our site and encouraged them to continue even if they are using Facebook and they agreed to do so. Some of the damage is the result of lack of trail maintenance, such as plugged culverts and accumulated debris in the ditch.

The vehicle ruts prevent water from draining off the side of the trail and channel it down the length of the trail. On sloped trail, the running water does considerable damage. We unplugged four culverts and dug temporary water bars to prevent further damage.

However, all we were able to do was stop the water from flowing down the trail. The extensive rutting caused by erosion cannot be fixed with hand tools. Extensive repair of the trail damage is necessary with heavy machinery. System-wide ditch clearing is also needed to prevent this kind of trail damage from spreading. Post your comments and trail information here. Send trail photos to info alleganynordic. Conditions were tricky and fast, but so were the times that were turned in.

Bill Weitzel Bill Weitzel is a life-long resident of the area and friend of the park. He is a resident of Salamanca meat-cutter at the local supermarket.

Jerico Ranch is close enough to the park that he can hop on his snowmobile to check out the summit activities. You might have seen him at the Warming Hut shoveling snow and keeping the place ship-shape for skiers. If you every wonder why something is the way it is in the park, ask Bill. He a wealth of knowledge and knows not only the Art Roscoe Trail system, but hiking, snowshoe, snowmobile and even a couple decommissioned trails that are worth exploring. Bill has been helpful to Allegany Nordic and has good reason to make sure the skiing program thrives.

Next time you see Bill, thank him for his service to the park and AN. Skiers donate picnic table A special thanks goes out to the Bradford gang of skiers who donated the picnic table at the CH-Ridge-Leonard intersection.

These volunteers bought, delivered and assembled the picnic table that is there for all skiers to enjoy. Missing is Randy Walb. Join your Allegany Nordic friends for an evening of fun, food and friendship on Friday, February 11th. As it stands as of today, the park plans to groom trails to the extent they groomed last year.

We will continue to work closely with the park and keep you all informed as things unfold. We have pressed hard and it now appears that summit storage will be in place for the current year for both the LCM Cat, Skidoo Scandic and grooming implements. The time and cost savings of having the equipment trail-side will be significant and the timeliness of grooming should improve.

No longer will the equipment have to be stored at the Red House operations area and driven miles to the trails each time grooming is necessary. AN worked closely with the park and the concession operator J Con Parks to make storage a reality. J Con Parks and the park will foot the bill for the entire project.

This season the building will be temporarily located and placed on a permanent foundation next year. Park personnel worked hard to cut up the numerous down trees and salvage the wood. Whereas the park might have been able to schedule a dozer for our original concerns, they were only able to get the dozer to perform remediation of the damage caused by the blow-down event. So there will be some added problems to the trail system rather than net improvement. We will continue to follow this matter and keep you posted.

In the mean time, enjoy the restored view at the CH overlook and picnic table thanks to our persistent nagging and some hard work by park crews. Finally, AN volunteers put in some tough hours cutting back encroaching vegetation and moving fallen debris.

Much of Snowsnake has been cut-back. We also moved the snow fence near the CH overlook and the severe drifting problem might be in retreat.

wnymba bicycle swap meet and expo

Thanks to all who helped. This has been a priority of AN for several years. Due to our persistence and the hard work of the ASP crew, we have reason to celebrate!

wnymba bicycle swap meet and expo

A picnic table has been placed at the overlook for the enjoyment of trail users. Enjoy the view on your next visit and be sure to thank park personnel. Off-season updates- Nov 27, The off-season has been productive for Allegany Nordic. Below is a summary of our activities and priorities as we enter the season: Three volunteer workdays addressed trail drainage problems, vegetation cut-back and trail pick-up.

Advocacy with park management. We continue to maintain high visibility with park management. At a spring meeting we articulated concerns about grooming and trail management and requested attention to several important priorities. Advocacy with elected representatives. We initiated a strategy for our members to articulate their concerns about the state budget and park closings.

Operating funds and fundraising. The Cattaraugus Region Community Foundation stands ready to receive charitable contributions to Allegany Nordic should we undertake fund raising. Despite all our work, much remains to be done. Below are updates on the status of our priorities: The park has taken no steps to address trail erosion and drainage problems. Only the work of Allegany Nordic members during our volunteer workdays in the last two years has kept the problems at bay.

The biggest issues will require heavy equipment and park initiative. The park has begun to reopen vistas in the park as part of a state-wide initiative. However, priority has been given to those vistas accessible by car, as they receive more visitors. Despite our advocacy for clearing the Christain Hollow overlook, its status remains uncertain at this time.

The leanto has been demolished. Again, we have advocated for its replacement but there is no clear plan to rebuild it. Volunteers to drive this priority are needed Summit storage for grooming equipment. This remains a park priority but no funding exists. The possibility exists that a private initiative may be under way outside our group to build a storage garage. We are trying to confirm this and will update you as more information becomes available.

We have been assured the problem which side-lined the cat last year has been repaired and it is ready for the upcoming season. Red House personnel have articulated a strategy to improve grooming in No progress has been made by AN. Volunteers are needed to create a signage plan and get it implemented. Still other areas of AN activity need more participation.

The site will only work if skiers post trail reports. Finally, as we look ahead, there is a great deal of uncertainty for the Art Roscoe Trials and the cross-country skiing program as our state government tries to deal with its budget crisis.

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Any reduction to the program may never be restored without additional heavy lifting by our group. If we incrementally widen our participation and volunteerism, cross-country skiing at ASP may be secure. Below is a list of projects preceded by their respective points and followed by initials of AN members willing to help on each: BB, LS 1- Incorporate The following projects were assumed to be on-going or requiring little group effort and were included in the list above: Are there other high priority projects?

How do you interpret the point values? Are some projects related? Teams walked every trail expect the lower portion of Snow Snake, removed trail debris and cut back vegitation. Face-slappers and drainage need attention around most of the trail system. Bring a picnic lunch, bike, frisbee, fly rod and family. Allegany Nordic sponsored its first trail workday of the season on Saturday, June 13th.

About 20 park employees and 20 Allegany Nordic members enjoyed the summer-like afternoon. Special thanks to Chris Smith who has reported for more AN activities than most and has yet to ski the Art Roscoe Trails in the last year.

Proceeds of the gift will be used to fund start-up expenses for the organization. Jack Luzier and Rob Walk rounded up letters of support from various chambers of commerce and helped get the application out. Trail wash-outs were remedied and plugged drainage culverts were dug and unclogged.

Additional work will be scheduled by the group in October and November. Volunteer trail restoration work has been necessary to remedy damage resulting form heavy rains and deferred maintenance. Work has been performed primarily on Ridge Run and Patterson trails.

It has also provided numerous hours of volunteer service clearing fallen debris from dead or dying trees and cutting back encroaching vegitation. ASP has acquired a Sno-Razor 72 and two track-setters.