Community relationship of the triune god by thomas

The One and Triune God and the life of his people – Rowland S Ward

Worship, Community and the Triune God of Grace [James B. Torrance] on cowritten with his brothers, Thomas F. Torrance and David V. Torrance. . are excited about the relationship between the church body and the trinity. Oct 18, God is a Trinity composed of three Persons: the Father, the Son, and the In the Bible, the Persons of the Trinity are differentiated both in their relation to . After the Resurrection, Thomas calls Jesus, “My Lord and my God!. Apr 25, When we hear the names, Father and Son and Holy Spirit, we sense that in the mystery of God there must be a wondrous community. It is the.

Second, all humans at birth depend on others-their mothers. It is the woman who nurtures and socializes us.

Worship, Community and the Triune God of Grace: James B. Torrance: Books

She is the first love we ever experience. Spirit-Sophia is love, grace, power, energy who vivifies creation-biological life as well as living communities.

The Spirit renews and empowers by mending hearts and situations torn apart by sin, war and disasters.

community relationship of the triune god by thomas

Spirit-Sophia imparts healing and liberation to those downtrodden by oppression and injustice. Jesus-Sophia shows how far the friendship of Holy- Sophia can go by paying the ultimate price on the cross and rising from the dead. At creation Holy Sophia made them male and female in the image of the Trinity.

community relationship of the triune god by thomas

So both maleness and femaleness are attributes of God. She ceaselessly cares for the wellbeing of every dot in the world which she created freely. She is the mother who never abandons her child but in mercy and justice brings all things to their final end.

community relationship of the triune god by thomas

According to Classical thought, relation within the Trinity is real, but that between Holy Sophia and the rest of creation is not real because of the metaphysical chasm between these two realms of existence. On the part of created things, Holy Wisdom was not compelled to create, but did it out of free will.

Furthermore, when Jesus- 15 Elizabeth, A. If we maintain that there is no real relation, we will have to hold unto classical deism which is the position that God created the world and not just left it but abandoned it. Therefore, human relationship with God is impersonal.

The Model of Every Human Community - ZENIT - English

Conclusion According to Elizabeth, we cannot successfully symbolize the mystery of relations in the Trinity by employing skewed analogues without encountering snags. The model that best captures the relation in the Trinity is one based on communion between Holy Wisdom and man economic Trinitywhich stands as a proper image of the Triune God immanent Trinity. Mother-Sophia, Spirit-Sophia and Jesus-Sophia are the three persons of the Trinity symbolized in a feminist language in order to capture their relationship with the world and at the same time speak of their inner life.

They talked of the relations of the persons as a sharing of same consciousness. Since one cannot be experienced devoid of the other, in experiencing one person, we experience the others. Furthermore, in as much as we are able to come to the knowledge of our relations with God, we have a knowledge of how the persons relate. The three persons, whose essence is love, are related by a friendship that is mutual and perfect, without prejudice to their distinctness.

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This model symbolizes communion in Holy Wisdom rather than a monarchy ruling from isolated splendor. It is a reminder to the human race of the need to create a community where persons can be distinct, free and relational in a mutual and trustworthy manner. It shows how love creates unity out of diversity: And we see, specifically, what a family can learn from the Trinitarian model.

Embracing the mystery On Trinity Sunday, rather than try to solve the mystery, let us ask how open we are to it: Father, Son and Spirit; the mystery of a God who cares for us like a loving parent, who lays down his life for us like a best friend, who fills our hearts like a lover who will not be refused. While the Holy Trinity is a mystery that cannot be proven by Scripture we come into contact, through our liturgy, with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit: It may be in our Morning Offering, at grace before meals, at Mass, or before we retire for the night.

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It may be when we pray the Liturgy of the Hours, or recite the Rosary. Today let us pause and think of what we are doing when we mark ourselves with the sign of the cross. What does it mean to sign myself with the Divine love that binds the Godhead as One?

God also said that we humans would image that nature. How does my life reflect the community of love that is the Godhead?

‘The Triune God: Rich in Relationships’ – A sermon by Jürgen Moltmann

How do I image the Divine nature, which is love itself? Are mercy, grace, and faithfulness part of my identity? Examining our relationships The Christian God is a living being who exists in intimate relationship with us. One of the important dimensions of our Trinitarian God is the community of love and persons modeled for us in the mystery of the Holy Trinity. For Christians, the Trinity is the primary symbol of a community that is held together by containing diversity within itself.

Today let us examine our relationships. Do I love as God loves? Am I willing to lay down my life for those whom the Lord has given me to care for?

community relationship of the triune god by thomas

I will remember that community and relationship are the hallmarks of the very life of God and I will pray for the grace to make these my priorities and the hallmarks of my life. With this, the Spirit-history of Christ becomes the Christ-history of the Spirit. The Spirit of Christ comes out of the Spirit of the Father and just as Christ is sent from the Father, so too is his own spirit sent to his own people and to the whole world John Good Friday and Pentecost are two sides to salvation: We enter into the trinitarian history of Christ through baptism.

It is for this reason that the first confessions of faith are baptismal confessions. In both faith and in life, everything depends on the God-sonship of Christ. Those who lose sight of this lose their ability to be children of God.

The One and Triune God and the life of his people

It is sonship that binds together God and Jesus and provides the foundation for trinitarian faith. If this connection were broken, then Jesus is merely one more good person and God is merely the unfeeling Lord of Heaven. It would disappear into the endless history of the suffering of murdered people. It is a unity based in mutual indwelling.

The trinitarian unity of the Son and the Father through the Spirit is a model for the relationships of men and women in the Spirit of Christ.