Meet with whoever took the horn

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meet with whoever took the horn

Retrive the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller; Meet with whoever took the horn; Return the horn to Arngeir; Learn the Word of Power from Wulfgar; Recieve the. I am on the mission 'The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller' and I can ask and doesn't allow me to continue until I 'find out who took the horn'. Nov 13, It goes as follows: In the quest "The horn of Jurgen Windcaller", I got to the point when I need to ask Delphine for the attic room in Sleeping.

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It is also possible to stand between the first two rocks to open the first two gates, use Whirlwind Sprint and then run; the third gate should stay open by then. If you become trapped between gates inside the tunnel, you will find pull chains that will allow you to return to the rocks and try again. The floors of the next few chambers are covered with fire traps. There are two frostbite spiders on the cobwebbed arch. It's possible to avoid the traps by staying close to the walls.

The pair of spiders can be lured onto the traps. The traps have a slightly delayed reaction to your passing over them, so if you're on your own, you can get away with just sprinting forward and you won't be badly burned.

The sides also contain some areas of trap free space. Any follower brought here may be in danger as long as you are in the trapped area. They will continuously take damage from the traps.

After walking through here, you will find a large room. This room contains a more powerful giant spider hiding in the ceiling, as well as smaller spiders. The giant spider will attempt to ambush you when you get close. Using resist poison and resist frost potions may help you survive this encounter. After dispatching the spiders, cut or burn through the two sets of cobwebs covering the tunnel.

meet with whoever took the horn

If you are collecting alchemical ingredientsyou will find three spider eggs in the egg sacs in the spiders' nest. Otherwise, go right ahead and enter the final chamber. Note for the Dragonborn[ edit ] A mysterious note? As you make your way through the final room, four Nordic dragon carvings rise out of pools of water.

On the pedestal where the Horn should be resting, you will instead find a mysterious note addressed to "the Dragonborn". It states that the Horn has been removed, and requests that you meet the note's anonymous author by renting an attic room at the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood. Having failed the task, do as the note says and go to Riverwood. When you speak to Delphine about renting the appropriate room, she will tell you that there is no attic room, but that you can take the one on the left.

Delphine follows you, reveals that she was the one who took the Horn, and gives the Horn to you.

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She asks to speak privately, and she will lead you to the room across from yours. Choose the first dialogue option screen aboveasking her for the attic room. Delphine will direct you to the room on the left.

She will give you the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller and suggest that you should meet in a different room and talk about other matters.

meet with whoever took the horn

Before you attend the new quest, I'd suggest finishing the previous one by giving the Horn to the Greybeards. A Blade in the Dark New main objective: Return the horn to Arngeir Head out of the inn, open the world map and fast travel to High Hrothgar.

Head inside the monastery and find Arngeir screen above. The Greybeard will congratulate you on completing all the challenges. Learn the Word of Power from Wulfgar New main objective: A Word Wall for the shout Become Ethereal is next to it. There is a level dependent Draugr slumbering in a small cave behind the waterfall itself, as well as a chest. The puzzle room Edit Puzzle room from the bridge There is a puzzle room with three stones that activate three timed doors, use Whirlwind Sprint within distance of the two farthest stones and then immediately sprint through the gates.

The stones are proximity sensitive, but only two of the three can be activated from one place, nor will a waiting follower keep them activated. Activate the two furthest from the gates.

The third activates and opens its gate as it is passed using Whirlwind Sprint. The Dragonborn can sprint to the third stone and then use Whirlwind. Once all of the gates are passed, they remain open, allowing followers to catch up unscathed.

The flaming floor Edit First room with a flaming floor After going through the catacomb-like room, there is a room with a large number of pressure-triggered fire traps on the floor.

The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller (quest)

The curved diamond shapes in the center of each tile are different shades of gray. The lighter tiles are safe to step on, while the darker ones will trigger flame traps. Another solution, aside from using Whirlwind Sprint, is to use the Become Ethereal shout, which will render the flames harmless for as long as the shout is in effect. The Sneak perk, Light Foot, will also work for bypassing the trap. After passing the pressure plates, there may be one or two regular Frostbite Spiders and one Giant Frostbite Spider.

It is also possible to walk on the rocky sides rather than the pressure tiles for most of the trapped hall. Another solution is to shoot the tiles with a spell such as Firebolt or Ice Spike. The impact of a bolt or spike is enough to set off the trap if it is not a safe tile.

After making it past the spiders, there is a doorway blocked by spider webs, which can be cut with a sword. Behind is a wooden door, which leads to a gate activated by a chain. This leads to a room where four statues rise out of the water. The note is in the hand of the deceased Jurgen Windcaller, where the horn should be.

The note must be actively taken and read, even though the quest system tells its contents when it announces that the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller quest failed.