Wilkes the student mentor relationship in bible

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wilkes the student mentor relationship in bible

Key concepts: Experience, mentor, mentoring, student nurse or mentee and clinical practice .. He created them male and female” (Bible, ) confirm man as. Nurs Stand. May ;20(37) The student-mentor relationship: a review of the literature. Wilkes Z(1). Author information: (1)University of Hull, Hull. Each week, we want every kid and student who walks through our doors to relationships, age-appropriate and safe environments, creative Bible teaching, and fun. evenings from to at the Dickson City and Wilkes-Barre campuses. and age/gender specific small groups with friends and caring adult mentors.

The story starts off with the Crate duo traveling to Siberia to view and study the effects global warming is having within the community. The essential plant-life in Siberia was hindered by the flooding of global warming on planting grounds causing a decline in agriculture. The two learn the native language of Siberia and are more dedicated to see how this flooding is affecting those closest to them.

In Kiribati, Susie and Katie find themselves at an already wrecked society that is facing the brunt of global warming head-on.

As Susie completes her fieldwork by interviewing, Katie watches along intently listening and understanding the effects that these people are facing. She instead focuses on what she enjoys best, photography and interacting with the people.

Katie herself also shows the differences in views of global warming from others her age that is taught by their parents that global warming is a myth and has no effects.

Susie and Katie explore how the people in the area have adapted to the shortage of ice and water provided by the Andes for agriculture. In the meantime, Susie hiked to the Andes to retrieve a block of glacier ice for a celebration. Katie gets hands-on, like her mother, in learning how the culture of the area including how to make a traditional dinner and even eating guinea pig as apart of the celebration.

Mary Silinskie, a freshman nursing student, also liked being able to learn about different cultures through the film. She specifically enjoyed contrasting the experiences of those in global warming- affected countries from lives around here in Wilkes.

Winkler, the coordinator of the film series, included her input about the movie and why she included it as the first of the series. For any further questions about the film series, please contact Dr.

Linda Winkler at Linda. Along with the pride of being a growing university, the growth came with challenges as the university was forced to answer the logistics of where and how to accommodate the students. Specific dorm buildings are set aside for first-year students. Debbie Scheibler, director of Residence Life, spoke about the process of getting dormitories ready for the large class size.

Students in expanded dorm rooms were given discounts on their housing rates. The school has plans to de-expand rooms as students change their mind about Wilkes. Rooms that were altered into a triple would be re-altered back into a double as space opens up.

Rumors floated around campus that Cumberland Hall was being used as additional space for first-year students, however, Scheibler denied these rumors. The hall, which is an off-campus apartment building being rented by Wilkes for oncampus students, housed the Panamanian exchange students last year.

This year, the Panamanian students now live in Slocum Hall after the school offered students originally signed up to the hall to move to Cumberland.

Another rumor was being spread around the student body of first-year students living in University Towers. This was also denied by Scheibler. University Towers remains for upperclassmen. Residence Life was restructured over the summer before the knowledge of the large first-year class. The department now features 40 resident assistants, as well as two master level professional coordinators.

Ellis is a pastor of the Grace Temple megachurch in the city of Detroit and was the officiant for the funeral. The funeral, televised live internationally, shows the pastor allegedly groping the artist. Grande was seen as uncomfortable and trying to get away from Ellis on multiple occasions during this brief interaction. He said he had to keep the program lively as it was a very long procession and memorial, relating to the jokes about her last name.

Though Grande has yet to comment on the event, the public outcry has itself maintained the relevancy of this issue afloat. Her fans and supporters on Twitter are sharing RespectArianna to spread the news of this incident, to gain more support against the pastor. Ariana Grande herself was criticized for what people believed to be her inappropriately short dress. Others on social media responded that people are wrongly caring more about her outfit than the fact that a pastor was touching Grande inappropriately on stage in front of viewers.

Andrew Wilczak, an associate professor in the sociology department, sees a problem in blaming Grande for the groping 6 because of her short dress.

That is how he believes men, specifically the pastor, get away with groping women. Hailing from Florida, Dr. She continued her academic career as she pursued her doctor of pharmacy at Nova Southeastern University, a pharmacy practice residency at University of Mississippi Medical Center, and then an instructional design and evaluation fellowship at University of Maryland School of Pharmacy.

Lastly, she attended the University of Maryland, Baltimore County for her masters in instructional systems development. McCutcheon became interested in the field of pharmacy when, as a high schooler, she had the chance to work at a local pharmacy. McCutcheon had the opportunity to teach as a teaching assistant to pharmacy students, while at pharmacy school, and found it very rewarding.

She developed a liking for teaching, as well as for researching, which led her to the conclusion that academia was her ideal occupation. She also has had several opportunities to work as a clinical pharmacist in numerous medical centers.

As of now, she is investigating how and where people from different health care professions can better work, teach and Dr. Livia McCutcheon research together. While working at Wilkes, McCutcheon divides her time teaching in the classroom, aswell as being both a clinician and a clinical instructor at St.

The Animated Series Superman: Now this fandom is going to morph, and try its hand in breaking into a new medium, the Internet. These patterns have led DC Comics to be a pioneer by taking all of their entertainment and putting it under one, digital, roof. Even cooler still, the membership will allow hardcore fans to be able to connect with the larger DC community, get exclusive members only merchandise, and enjoy unlimited streaming access to original DC series, which will have new episodes available weekly.

The trailer did feature an awesome moment, that set the dark, gritty, theme that will most likely fill the entire show, where Robin drops an F-bomb when referring to his nocturnal mentor. For more information, or to sign up go to www. Only on DC Universe: A team of young superhoeros led by NIghtwing form to combat evil and other perils.

Coming in ; Young Justice: Swamp Thing- Starring Crystal Reed. Rest of the cast TBA. The series will be based on the popular DC Comics character. Getting involved at Wilkes By Anna Cluver Staff Writer As the fall semester of is getting started, several opportunities are arising for students to get involved. The campus holds events that allows students to get involved with different clubs, activities and social events throughout the semester.

The Programming Board and Wilkes Adventure Education are two examples that anyone who is interested can participate in. The Programming Board puts together weekly events for students throughout the each semester held every Thursday.

Some of the events that the programming board is known for hosting are trivia nights, bingo, ice cream and food socials, Family Feud, open mic nights and more. Wing Wars is a specific example of an event held in November where local restaurants send different types of wings for students to try and vote on which ones taste the best. There even is a hot wing eating competition for students to compete in as well.

Another event coming up is Cupcake Wars, which programming board is planning to hold later this semester. At Cupcake Wars, students who attend get to decorate their own cupcakes.

Each cupcake is judged in different categories by the programming board. Freak Week is a week of engaging, halloween themed events that all students are welcome to atttend.

The Four Stages of Biblical Mentoring

To get involved, simply attend the events. They are held in lounge of the Student Union Building. Signing up is not required. Each event is organized to be an opportunity to meet new people on campus and to have the chance to make new memories. Wilkes Adventure Education is another way that students can get involved on campus.

Jill Price manages the Adventure Education program responsible for weekend trips on outdoor adventures. These trips are organized in a challenge by choice setting. Challenge by choice is when students have the choice to reach out of their comfort zone and learn from doing what things they are capable of.

To get involved, students just need to get in contact with Price and find out about upcoming trips and if there are spots available. Anyone can join and all they have to do is sign up for a trip or join an activity. Everyone is welcome to come to the open climbs and try, even if they do not have any previous climbing experience. Adventure Education is always open to new trip ideas and things to explore. If you are planning your spring break, Price is looking to plan a trip to Ireland and Scotland.

wilkes the student mentor relationship in bible

She is going to plan the trip around what the students want to see. If sights like the Cliffs of Moher or Blarney Castle where you can kiss the Blarney stone are on your bucket list, contact Price for this chance. For more information about programming board events or if you would like to join programming board, contact Kya Lewis at kya. Programming board meetings are also held on Thursdays at For more information, to join Wilkes Adventure Education, or to sign up for upcoming trips, contact Jill Price either by email at jill.

However, while you are trying to figure out your new busy schedule for the upcoming school year, make sure to pencil in time in your planner for eating. Going back to school and work does not always get easier for many people when summer comes to a close.

Everyone receives a new schedule and is often expected to assume their position in a brand new daily routine while continuing to perform at the highest of their abilities. This can become quite stressful, especially when you add in eating three meals.

Eating may seem like such a normal, everyday task. However, with fully loaded work and school schedules, it is often neglected. A study conducted by Brad Cardinal of Oregon State University published online in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, compares the eating habits of college students both male and female.

The results of the study suggested that both male and female students were not implementing the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables into their diets.

wilkes the student mentor relationship in bible

People become so consumed with getting their work done, that there is less time to eat in general let alone going to the store and buying fresh produce to cook with. Some college dorms do not even come equipped with full kitchens which makes eating nutritional food that much more difficult. C o n s e q u e n t l y, despite the fact that students are neglecting their eating schedules to do their work, they are actually inhibiting their overall success success in school. Therefore, students who do not practice healthy eating habits tend to do worse in school.

People need a proper amount of nutrients and energy to help them focus and endure long, busy days. Since many students do not always have an adequate amount of time to make food or go to get food from the cafeteria, they often reach for foods that are portable and easily accessible.

These types of food normally contain more fat, carbs, and sodium. Eating these types of foods can make you feel groggy and sluggish, and thus, unproductive.

Some students even skip meals altogether and this can hinder your health more than eating unhealthy meals in some cases. You can become light headed quite easily and even pass out if you are exercising your mind all day long without resupplying it with the energy that it needs to function properly.

You can get a salad or sandwich and take it with you. Bring snacks to class or to work with you Granola bars, fruit, yogurt, and pretzels are all examples of portable items that you can bring in your backpack to avoid running on an empty stomach.

The Pod also has many different options for snacks as well as a Jamba Juice and coffee machine to get a quick fix.

wilkes the student mentor relationship in bible

Starbucks is also on campus and has several types of drinks and snacks as well. Tupperware Using Tupperware to bring to the cafeteria to bring food back with you for later or for the next day is a way to avoid skipping a meal as well. You can even use the tupperware to meal prep if you have a kitchen and have enough time With these difficulties in mind, here are a few tips for 4.

Remind your friends to eating with a busy schedule: Use breaks wisely If you have a break between your classes, make sure you either pack a lunch to have during that time or use it to go to the cafeteria to eat. Greens to Go, Which Wich, and Grille Works on campus even offer eating habits, make sure that your friends and roommates are eating as well. This new coffee craze is high in calories so that is something to keep in mind when trying it.

There are also some arguments that Bulletproof coffee alone does not have enough nutrients to be a whole breakfast replacement but that may be different for each person that is willing to try this.

Many people that have tried this superfood recommend using it in tea or lattes but it can be used in just about anything.

wilkes the student mentor relationship in bible

There can also be a few side effects that result from using turmeric. If you start to get an upset stomach, nausea or dizziness it is recommended to lower the amount you are taking and consult a doctor. For those you that are up for trying new health trends, turmeric might be just the thing for you. Redmon has been a mentor in the Friends of Youth program for two years.

The Friends of Youth program is a one-on-one mentoring program for Wilkes County students in grades 4 through 8. Volunteer mentors spend two to four hours a week with a child doing everyday activities.

Monthly activities are also planned for all youth and mentors to enjoy as a group. Gregory is retired from Ronda-Clingman Elementary School, where she worked for 25 years as a teacher assistant.

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They have two children and four grandchildren. Gregory has been a Lunch Buddy for five years. The Lunch Buddies Program pairs adult volunteers with children in grades K through 3 at eight Wilkes County elementary schools. The volunteers eat lunch with a child once a week, helping to build self-esteem, confidence and positive attitudes toward school.

The program currently serves students. Last year, volunteers spent more than 2, hours with their lunch buddies. Smart Girls coordinator Jettie Walker praised Mrs. Parks for her commitment to make a difference in the lives of middle school girls. Parks is retired from Tyson Foods. She is a member of Grace Kingdom Life Ministries. Parks has six children, 16 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Parks has been a CIS volunteer since She began working with the Smart Girls program last year.

- Wilkes University

Smart Girls is a teen pregnancy prevention curriculum facilitated by trained adult volunteers. In their weekly meetings with middle school students, Smart Girls instructors build self-esteem and encourage girls to make healthy choices. He moved to Wilkes County from east Texas two years ago to be closer to family.

Wood has been a CIS volunteer for two years. He has served as a tutor and a Wise Guys facilitator.

The student-mentor relationship: a review of the literature.

Wise Guys is a male character development curriculum facilitated by trained adult volunteers. Wise Guys instructors encourage sound decision making and responsible sexuality in their weekly sessions with middle school boys. Wood was unable to attend the award ceremony.

Groves has provided financial and hands-on support to the program. Groves has also served as a mentor to students. Groves is employed by Vulcan Materials. They have one daughter, Samantha.