Written statement detailing the history of relationship

written statement detailing the history of relationship

This is the official form for written statements to support Partner visas. relationship and its history when they're assessing your application. Simone's Statement on History & Development of Relationship. Joint written statement about the financial aspects of our relationship (typed on Statutory Declarations from Simone's parents in Australia detailing their ability. Do you have any sample relationship statement? e.g. how you met your fiance and stuffs.

Statement of History of Relationship Partner Visa / | Random Observations of Life

This article is not about the evidence, I am writing only about the statements! Your statement is your relationship in your words, the evidence you provide will support what you have written about. I do think the detail in the booklet is very good. In the current booklet, the examples can be found on pages 39 and I strongly recommend you print the details out and tick off the items on the list as you collect your information!

Note that DIAC say: DIAC do not expect the same evidence from every couple. How, when and where you first met This seems to throw some people.

written statement detailing the history of relationship

If that is the case, say so. When you get interviewed, one of you will forget the date you made up! You might do it with the best intentions, but it is not a sensible thing to do.

Write the truth, whatever it is. Fred was already a member. At that time we were merely members of the same club. This is a generalisation before all the men hit mebut men are just not as good as women at remembering dates. Unless the man in your life can be guaranteed to remember your wonderfully romantic anniversary date at the drop of a hat, best not to tie it down, even if YOU do know the damn date! If you are both the type of people that the date you met is very important to you, the sparks flew, the bells rang and you have the date tattooed on your heart, by all means include the specific date!

I know it was a Friday early in January — was that the 8th, 9th, 10th? How your relationship developed That should be the easiest part! Men, you can leave out the bragging bit. DIAC can be pedantic, I understand, about things like that.

Partner Visas - writing your own statements (sponsor & partner)

Unless you remember a wonderfully romantic weekend away to a tropical island when he proposed I had a co-worker who did just thatagain you may not have a specific time in mind or remember the date. If you are already married, of course write about your wedding. Did you have a honeymoon? Social context of the relationship This is actually well described under the evidence section of the booklet.

Write about going to friends for dinner, being invited as a couple to weddings or christenings, work gatherings and so on. Include certified copies of the invitations in your evidence pack. Are you joint members of any organisations, clubs, gyms etc? Write about it and provide certified copies of your memberships.

written statement detailing the history of relationship

Write what you can — family involvement is important. Have you travelled together? Before you start writing remember this: Dates are a crucial part of your statement.

written statement detailing the history of relationship

When it comes to the length of your statement, there really is no set limit. You just need to make sure to have covered all important aspects of your relationship.

The average is usually between pages but can be shorter or longer in another cases. Again, the partner visa is a visa that highly depends on your situation and circumstances.

Writing you relationship statement If you follow our structure below and provide detailed answers to the questions and give relevant examples, you will be well on your way to writing a good relationship statement for your partner visa. The examples below are purely examples and are not to be used as a template!

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  • Partner Visas - writing your own statements (sponsor & partner)

All relationships and people are different and the case officers know that. Be honest and state your stories and its facts. Try and provide as much evidence to support your story. Write in your own words. Your English does not need to be perfect. Case Officers know that not everyone speaks English as their first language. Just write the truth, give details and provide documents to support your statement.

How, when and where did you first meet each other? Try to write the exact date, time and place you first met each other. What were the circumstances? Where you at a party? Did you know each other from work? Simply tell your own story in a few sentences here. Photos; showing our social life ,Our time in Australia and Thailand,and photos around our house.

10 Examples: How to write a relationship statement for your Partner Visa

Evidence of joint bank account Periods of seperation My job in Australia does not allow me to travel to my partners country to live there for extended periods.

We have been in a de facto relationship for a total of 24 months and lived together for a total of 13 months. Our relationship in time of seperation has been maintained by daily telephone calls to each other and internet video calls, Evididence of this can be found in the document and evidence folder attached to her application. At all times we have both been commited to a shared life. Financial aspects We have opened a joint bank account together, and we both have access to this account at all times.

We have been shopping together for household goods together T. My wage allows me to live reasonably well in Australia with an excess of income over expenditure. Also attached is evidence of joint travel.

Importance of proof of relationship, if being sponsored by a family member or a friend(Visitor Visa)

We have been in a relationship for over 2 years now and we have knowledge of each other's personal circumstances background and family situation.