Have i got news for you panelists on meet

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have i got news for you panelists on meet

As Deayton observes more than once when we meet, "It all feels like a hosted the BBC panel show Would I Lie To You?, presented the . Deayton with Have I Got News For You team captains, Ian Hislop and Paul Merton. Have I Got News for You was originally presented by British comedian Angus Deayton between and Following a string of tabloid allegations about . Everything you need to know about the BBC Radio 4 presenter and appearances on panel show Have I Got News For You and sitcoms.

Further into the conversation, however, I begin to realise it can be read in one of two ways — depending on what you think about the scandal that cost him his old job. If you believe Deayton had only himself to blame, then the running gag will probably sound less like a joke than further evidence of an arrogant refusal to accept responsibility.

If, on the other hand, you think the scandal was either largely tabloid lies, or none of our business, you'll think he is simply being funny. BBC Before we met, I'd wondered if he would turn out to be nothing like the Deayton we know from our screens — bone dry, understated, impenetrably poised, with a surgical wit that can be cutting to the point of cruel, but rarely if ever unfunny. His laugh sounds like an unusually grown-up giggle, and he has a gift for injecting it into a word, mid-syllable, making almost everything he says sound amusing.

When I ask about his domestic life, which he shares with his long-term partner Lise Mayera comedy writer, and their son Isaac, 10, he comes across as the rather droll headmaster of north London's comedy set. I said, 'Which one's this? Laughing, Deayton adds with a sly grin, "A lot of our friends are drifting west now, though.

have i got news for you panelists on meet

They've passed away to Notting Hill. This is, er, yeah, something that I've noted quite a lot in the many years I've been behind a desk," he quips.

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Why does he think that is? And some of them wander in at four in the afternoon of that recording, and other people have been working on it for four days. So it did seem curious — and still does. Certainly Paul has rewritten history a bit in terms of our relationship. We were always the last ones out of the bar on a Thursday night. We were clapping each other on the back, saying how wonderful the show was. So, yeah, we always got on very well.

The Daily Mail wrote something about me a few years ago and it had 36 sentences in it, and 33 of them were lies. The only three that weren't were quotes. Everything else you could put a 'not' in the sentence and you'd be closer to the truth.

have i got news for you panelists on meet

That ambition was quickly forgotten, though. Born in into a traditional middle-class home counties family — with an ex-naval father and a teacher mother — he attended minor public schools, was good at sport and studied languages at Oxford. But though a big comedy fan, he'd never thought of having a go at it until an Oxford contemporary, Richard Curtisasked him to stand in for a last-minute drop-out in an Edinburgh festival revue.

Deayton enjoyed it, toured Australia with a spoof Bee Gees bandand began writing for comedy sketch shows. Looking back at his career in the 90s, certain ironies are inescapable. He fronted a programme called The Lying Gameand another called The Temptation Gameand when asked by one interviewer if fame had brought temptations his way, replied, "Actually, there are plenty of reasons why you should not give in.

Someone could sell their story to the Daily Mail. He's intensely thoughtful about the whole thing, and private, and quite aloof. I think I probably learned from him how to conduct myself. You have to kind of put your trust in someone — you can't be mistrustful of everyone you meet and everyone you come across.

And sometimes that trust is ill-founded, and what can you do, short of actually never, ever putting your faith in anyone again? Well, I think that's kind of being wise after the event. But as I say, unless you go through life expecting everyone to behave in the worst way that you could ever imagine, then, er, there's only so much you can do about it. The story his former mistress sold in wasn't pretty: Deayton says that so many outrageous lies were printed, "it would take an entire book the length of War And Peace to actually unravel it all".

Far too nice to be in a television studio, but I think the BBC had already bought it, so that's how it became a series. At first, the number of episodes per series was inconsistent. However, a pattern soon formed whereby the spring series between April and June comprises eight episodes and the autumn series from October to December contains nine, with a one-week break in the middle to allow the broadcasting of Children in Need.

The 39th series, broadcast in earlymoved the show to a Thursday night slot. The 40th series remained in this new time slot, despite one episode being broadcast the day after due to the Royal Variety Performance ; both series featured an extra episode, with the spring series now featuring 9 episodes and the autumn series 10 episodes. Over an hour's worth of material is recorded for each minute programme for broadcast the following day, allowing the programme to remain topical while the BBC's lawyers have time to request cuts of potentially defamatory material.

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As for its popularity, Merton explained that it was mostly word-of-mouth: We started off with an audience of two million, and somebody might have mentioned it to their friend, and then it sort of built up a momentum of its own. This became a permanent feature from the spring series, with the repeat having a running time of 40 minutes, and being titled in the TV listings Have I Got a Bit More News for You. The quiz aspect and scores are largely ignored in favour of the panellists' witty exchanges and jokes, and the format seems to change frequently.

If you really don't know, you think, 'Well, I've really got to try and say something here.

Jo Brand silences all-male panel on Have I Got News for You – video

These people, they couldn't improvise live. You put them on a stage, they wouldn't be able to improvise. Since the show originally aired, several rounds have been dropped from the original format, but a typical show will usually consist of the following: Round 1 is the "Film Round".

Silent video clips, usually from news reports, are played to the teams.

have i got news for you panelists on meet

Two points are awarded for correctly identifying the story — but as the round covers the major stories of the week, the quiz aspect is downplayed here in favour of discussion and banter. The host will still ask questions to highlight details of a story, but no further points are awarded for the answers.

Sometimes, the clips used have been specially chosen from particular sources, such as in the Christmas special, which used clips from Christmas specials of various other TV programmes to provide the clues.

The 'Thatcher special' presented a slight variation called Who Dares Loses? On rare occasions, sound is added to the clip, such as a " ker-ching " in the montage that depicted the MPs' expenses scandal or the Blue Peter theme tune in the week that presenter Richard Bacon had been caught taking drugs. The only occasion that the video clip element of this round has been deviated from was during series 37, when one of the clips was audio only with no pictures.

The question was about the Humwhich none of the panel could hear anyway. Early series featured two similar games later in the show; the "Connections Round", with the panel identifying the individuals and the story that linked them, and the "Archive Round", featuring pre news footage in a 'what happened next?

Both were dropped as the more popular rounds began to use up more time.