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Personally I romanced Ashley in ME1 Miranda in ME2 and then Ashley again in ME3. ME3: Tali, then Liara, to see what would happen. I've 1) Garrus is a sexy beast God I hope my friends never find my reddit account and Cerberus and others have rose above them to form a friendship with Garrus. Sad moments in Mass Effect 3: The Memorial Wall at the Citadel Docks gets filled with more and more Halfway to the Primarch after you recruit Garrus, you will witness it eventually succumb and Late in the game you can find video files on Project Lazarus leading to this: .. Look at the name of her shop: "The Blue Rose. Contents[show] Mass Effect Galaxy Peace Talks Galactic tensions are rising due to On Tortuga, Jacob is met by a salarian friend of Miranda's, Ish, who has the . Lakshmi hugs Jacob afterward and gives Miranda a yellow rose in gratitude He is trying to teach Garrus how to shoot because as his father, it's his job to.

If your Femshep romanced Garrus, the bro mission between Shepard and Garrus, is of course also a romantic mission. Shep and Garrus fly a car to the top of the citadel and, after a little pillow talk, skeet-shoot what are essentially Mass Effect universe beers off the support beams that run hundreds of feet off the ground near the citadel ceiling.

Well, at a certain point, you are 1 for 1, and Garrus just made shot 2. When he gives Shep the rifle, you have the option to hit the target, or miss the target. Missing the target is in the typically paragon upper right position and hitting it is in the typically renegade lower right, signifying that nice guys apparently finish last on purpose.

I sat and thought about it for a couple of minutes before choosing the uncharacteristic renegade option out of feminist duty. Guys like girls they can save, can teach, can go through life without being threatened, out-shown or challenged by in any way. However, I still felt bad not picking the paragon option. Shephard is a commander. But could my Femshep simply be the Michelle Obama style outlier in an otherwise overwhelmingly male environment?

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And we all see how well that worked for Michelle. Looking at the other NPCs, I noticed that the only human female with rank seems to be the biotic school lady you rescue with Jack. So, my boyfriend is wrong, Femshep very much lives in a world where being a woman in power is still a unique experience. Shepard agrees to let him come along and become part of the Normandy's crew. If Shepard recruits Wrex first, Garrus will come to Shepard requesting to join the team later, but the Med Clinic encounter will still be available.

It is possible for Shepard to refuse Garrus's request and complete the journey without ever recruiting him.

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Garrus is very courteous to Shepard, calm and reassuring to victims like Dr. Michel, but ruthless when fighting. He is also very impressed with the SSV Normandysaying she is proof of what races can accomplish when they work together. He is eager to see what she can do in a fight, because the stealth system offers an entirely new angle on space combat.

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Although Ashley is suspicious of Garrus despite the fact he's a C-Sec officerhe tends to get along well with the rest of the crew, enjoying the chance to get off the Citadel and see how things are done outside C-Sec. He is surprised by Wrexstating that he thought all krogan were savage thugs, prompting Wrex to retort: You'd better head back to the ship, kid — any longer out here in the real world and you just might have to learn something.

He could have received special training to prepare, but his father blocked his candidacy, despising Spectres for their extralegal freedoms. Garrus doesn't appear to have any regrets over losing his chance, but he is very interested to see how Spectres do their job, and wants to learn from Shepard. He has no qualms about hunting Saren, a fellow turian—in fact, that is one of the reasons for Garrus's hatred of Saren.

According to Garrus, Saren is not only a threat, but a disgrace to their species.

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Harkin describes Garrus as a hothead who "still thinks he can change the world", saying he is always arguing with the Executor. Pallin himself respects Garrus as an investigator, but claims that as a C-Sec officer he should have more consideration for the law; he may see Garrus as doing the wrong thing for the right reasons.

Garrus's main objection to C-Sec is the abundance of restrictions and regulations: He believes it doesn't matter how you do it—just get it done. Garrus and Shepard can debate this while aboard the Normandy. Garrus is particularly frustrated when regulations mean that a suspect goes free.

He does mention to Shepard that he is concerned about their apprehension of Saren: Garrus suggests that it might be better in the long run if they just kill Saren, rather than strictly going by-the-book. Shepard can offer an opinion on this. Eventually, Garrus thanks Shepard for bringing him aboard the Normandy and letting him be part of the team. He says that he's learned a lot and that he doesn't want to let those lessons go to waste. Depending on what Shepard has said to him, and the Commander's behavior throughout the mission, Garrus states that he is going to reapply for Spectre candidacy, with or without reapplying for C-Sec in the process.

Personal assignment Edit Garrus has a personal assignment to track down a criminal who got away from him. When asked about his views on C-Sec and some of his old cases, Garrus mentions a particularly gruesome case involving a salarian doctor, Dr. Saleonwho escaped the Citadel with hostages because the authorities wouldn't fire on his vessel, despite Garrus telling them that the doctor would only use the hostages as test subjects.

This incident caused him to start losing faith in C-Sec policy. Shepard can offer to track Saleon down as an assignment —the experience gives Garrus some food for thought.