Nice to meet you head on movie

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nice to meet you head on movie

“Nice to meet you too,” Mike replied, rather over-enthusiastically. “And this,” Higgins Dimitri folded his long fingers and bowed his head in greeting. He looked. John, stick your head out, one shot, right between the eyes, I'll make it quick, just for old time sake. Ever since Jenny[edit]. Not nearly as nice as watching him smash your face in. . I'll take you where I'm supposed to meet him! Matrix: But. Nice to meet you again': why I faced my rapist in prison . I have the gun to your sister's head and I'll shoot her if you don't walk. Off the trail.

Nice to meet you again. And yet it is true. In many ways the attack taught me what I was made of, and for that, I am grateful. It is also not the first time we have met.

I was 13, my cousin Macarena a year younger. We had spent the morning slouching around the house in our pyjamas. A friend of the family had given me a wraparound skirt, made of printed white cotton.

I decided that this sunny day was the perfect time to wear it, with a white cotton button-up shirt and my new wedge Brazilian brown leather sandals.

After some rambling in which nothing of interest happened in other words, no cute boys were spottedwe made our way to my school grounds, a few minutes away from our house. My childhood had involved several years with the resistance, travelling through Peru, Bolivia and Argentina, before staying in Canada as a refugee with my extended family. Surrounded by forest, University Hill secondary school was right next to the court house.

The week before, I had attended a lunchtime presentation by Rape Relief. As the women talked about sexual assault, the causes of it — according to them, the patriarchy — and the notion that it was rarely about sex and almost always about power, all I could think was: Police sketches of his face appeared on the evening news on a regular basis.

nice to meet you head on movie

We arrived at the school grounds to find a soccer game about to begin on the field. One of the teams was Chilean. Thrilled to see our uncles, aunts and cousins, we chose to stay a while.

Once, when she was eight, Uncle Boris had sat her down and asked, in the sternest voice he could muster: I quit a while back. We had entered the familiar trail, gone over a little mound, and stopped at the bottom.

This afforded us the luxury of still being able to see the car park through the trees and spy on the cute Chilean boys getting out of their cars. Out of nowhere, a cold feeling seized my gut. I knew it well: It had gripped me many times in my life with the resistance. A twig snapped behind us. Watch out, my intuitive inner voice told me. The other voice took over. It makes you wobbly, gives you goosebumps.

A sparrow flew up from where the twig had snapped. Macarena dropped the butt on the trail. Just as I was about to grab her and hurry out of the woods, a male voice spoke calmly from behind a tree in front of me. Sully is at a pay phone talking to Bennett Sully: OK boss, he got on with Henrique, he is on the plane.

Sully hangs up phone then eyeballs an off-duty stewardess named Cindy Sully: You know I've got something I'd really like to give you. Ohh, you don't know what you're missing Cindy: Well from here it looks like a nightmare, will you please leave me alone! You fucking whore Police Officer: Attention all units, emergency on theater level, suspect six foot two, brown hair.

He is one gigantic motherfucker Here take the rocket launcher go Cindy: You steal my car, you rip the seat out, you kidnap me, you ask me to help you find your daughter which I very kindly do, and then you get me involved in a shoot out where people are dying and there's blood spurting all over the place, and then I watch you rip a phone booth out of a wall, swing from the ceiling like Tarzan, and then there's a cop that's going to shoot you and I save you and they start chasing me.

‘I’m Carmen. Nice to meet you again’: why I faced my rapist in prison

Are you going to tell me what's going on or what? Where is she, Sully? I'll say it a little louder, then: Listen, your loyalty is very touching… [carries him to the edge of a cliff] but it is not the most important thing in your life right now!

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And I have to remind you, Sully—[pats the arm he holds Sully with]—this is my weak arm! You can't kill me, Matrix! You need me to find your daughter!

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I'll take you where I'm supposed to meet him! That's right Matrix, you did! What did you do with Sully?

nice to meet you head on movie

I let him go… Cooke: Well you should be, 'cos this Green Beret's going to kick your big ass! I eat Green Berets for breakfast, and right now I am very hungry!

I can't believe this macho bullshit! Slitting a little girl's throat is like a warm knife through butter. I love listening to your little piss-ant soldiers trying to talk tough, they make me laugh.

If Matrix was here, he'd laugh too.

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My soldiers are patriots. Your soldiers are nothing, Matrix and I could kill every one of them, at the blink of an eye - you remember that. Are you trying to frighten me, Mr. I don't have to try. When Matrix finishes the job, he'll be back for his daughter - no matter whether she's dead or alive, it doesn't matter. Then he'll be after you, and the only thing between Matrix and you…is me. I think it is you that is afraid, Mr. You are afraid of Matrix. Of course, I'm smart.