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What's the best way to eat if you want to stay a healthy weight and lower your and pleased to see steak, bacon, eggs and other real foods included, much . The results of the Newcastle study suggested that the VLC diet did. Beers: Bar Drinks Menu Camden Helles, Mordue, D'achouffe, Almasty Pomegranate Ale, Moretti, Timmermans, Erdinger, Vedett and Guinness on tap. Symonds. I intend to use shakes and supplement the three meals with the prescribed green veg. Not brilliant compared to a nice bit of salmon and veg but hey ho. . Lunch time is the full 25g so we will see how that goes. . Second, you are only four days in after being on a low carb diet -- I would give it a little.

Shake that Weight only has calories per serving whereas Exante is calories per serving x 3. The carbs in Exante are higher than shake that weight, presumably because it is a smaller serving. With 3 x Exante drinks per day, I will be consuming almost 60g carbs which is much more than I can tolerate whilst keeping my blood sugars within normal range.

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Should I just ignore the carb amounts and my post meal drink blood sugar results whilst I am on the ND? Is it best to test blood sugars just first thing in the morning for the duration of the ND?


I'm worried that I will get a bit freaked out if I see high readings after consuming the drinks. Shake that weight has a smaller number of carbs approx 12 per serving which may be better for my blood sugar results but 3 of these only equates to calories per day. Is this OK or too low? I'm a bit confused - any thoughts on my ramblings would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance Click to expand The last time I did that same binge 10 months ago,my reading went to 10 mmol! This time It went to 7.

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Even better was ,I felt no different than before,no hyper symptoms ect. Now I'm eating normally,not taking meds, and my readings are withing the guidelines of a non diabetic. My next question is,how do you know when you have successfully reversed diabetes? What tests do can the NHS or private do to have it officially confirmed that one is now a non diabetic? I don't know how I missed this.

Congratulations on your progress. Impressive results with weight loss, and blood glucose control. It has been six years since I lost weight and regained non-diabetes blood glucose levels. For about two years after I believed I was able to eat anything, and at one stage, to test the theory that I could indeed eat whatever I chose to I tried an experiment. I ate vast quantities of carb heavy food.

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Some would say it was a binge, and I guess it was. All in the interests of science, you understand!

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I found that blood glucose levels remained at non-diabetes levels. That single experiment left me with carb craving that took around three months to dispel.

Although BG levels have remained fine, I have regained around half the weight lost originally. I add here that I had a period of 18 months following two major surgical procedures when I was dependent on hospital food, and others providing meals for me. I have also had a recent HbA1c that took me just into pre-diabetes levels.

A wake up call. Sort of solved as most recent HbA1c was 41, so just on the cusp of pre-diabetes levels.