So nice to finally meet you

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so nice to finally meet you

Thank you all for this thread. This 'Nice to have met you' for saying goodbye is new to me. Very glad I've learned something new here today. So Nice To Finally Meet You [Amy Laprade] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Estranged from her parents, fifteen year old Gina Laramee. The first time I met my wife's colleagues, I made a fool of myself. I greeted them, told them my name and they answered: “nice to meet you”. “Yes”, I answered.

Amy Laprade (Author of So Nice to Finally Meet You)

One of the first times I was late, I raced to the store to pick up a pregnancy test and bought a bib that said that very thing. That bib has remained hidden in my sock drawer for nine years. I still long to emerge from the bathroom one morning after seeing two lines on a plastic stick and give it to him with tears of joy in my eyes.

so nice to finally meet you

I am not writing these words from a place of answers, on the other side of this great mystery I will label as my past someday. I write this even now from a place of questions and wondering and vulnerability -- with tears that still fall as I contemplate the unknown.

After my fourth specialist and second surgery, my doctor discovered and removed endometriosis that I had no idea was plaguing my body. Is that what it was this whole time? Has it damaged my ovaries irreparably?

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Will this surgery even help? Can I be hopeful again? Dude, your guess is as good as mine. It makes me wish I could encourage the younger me to somehow experience it all differently than I did.

so nice to finally meet you

I wish I could take the pain away that suspense and unmet expectations gave me. And there is no shame in it. I will say unswervingly that God Almighty has done a work in me. He has continued to form my heart through His Philippians 1: I invited Him to be my Lord and Savior and pledged my life and allegiance, heart, mind, soul, body to Him.

so nice to finally meet you

Show me the way everlasting. The vast majority of my friends have made multiple trips down and I have been living vicariously through their stories of all the people they have met and the experiences they have had there. My time had finally come to meet this friend. Like meeting someone through a mutual friend I was a little nervous, not of flying, the mosquitoes, or even the goats.

I was nervous that I might not agree with all my friends, that I might not see what they saw during their time in Haiti. All nervousness is erased from my being almost immediately. Those who know me well know that while I love people I am not the best at meeting people, I tend to remain quiet or stick with people I already know.

So powering past my own inhibitions, I started to learn how these people came to be in Haiti, and their stories are astounding.

so nice to finally meet you

From friends or cousins to neighbors to a seemingly random guy from Florida, it is truly amazing how small our world is when all these people are connected through Poverty Resolutions. Even though our small eclectic group was a clean up crew of sorts, completing odds and ends, I have never before seen things come together so beautifully.

so nice to finally meet you

From listening to two bizarrely intelligent men talk about the value of chicken feet and alfalfa to meeting a man who works in a warehouse full of donated lumber and other construction items, even having someone with us who could redesign a shade house in an afternoon to save lumber.