The five people you meet in heaven 5th person

Five People You Meet In Heaven Character Descriptions

the five people you meet in heaven 5th person

Order our The Five People You Meet in Heaven Study Guide . The fifth person Eddie meets is a little girl, named Tala, whom he tried to rescue in the burning. The third person Eddie meets in heaven, the woman for whom the first Eddie's fifth person in heaven, a little Filipino girl who Eddie unknowingly kills while The first is when the Blue Man tells Eddie that the Five People in heaven are a gift. The Five People You Meet In Heaven is a novel by Mitch Albom. It follows the life and death of a maintenance man named Eddie. .. Fifth person that Eddie meets in heaven,. Nicky: Nicky is a young man who visited Ruby Pier, and practically.

He explained that, although he shot Eddie, he kept his promise by not leaving him behind and even sacrificed his life so Eddie and two other soldiers were able to live. He also teaches Eddie that when one loses something, they often gain something else. Ruby The third person Eddie meets in heaven and also Ruby Pier's namesake.

She teaches Eddie to let go of his anger and to forgive his father for the damage he caused in his life.

The Five People You Meet In Heaven – Book Review

Marguerite was the only happiness in Eddie's life. She is the fourth person he meets in heaven and she teaches him the lesson that love is not lost with death. Tala The fifth person Eddie meets in heaven. Tala was the little girl who Eddie saw crawling into the burning fort during the war. Although he lived most of his life in denial, he finds out in heaven that he did kill her in the fire.

She teaches Eddie that his life did have a purpose which was to keep children safe at the pier. After Eddie's death he plays a part in retrieving Eddie's documents and telling the pastor about Eddie's life for his funeral service. Dominquez also took over Eddie's job at Ruby Pier after his death. Life has been hard for him, beginning with his birth to an abusive drunk who earns his living maintaining the equipment for an amusement park named Ruby Pier.

The only bright and redeeming feature of Eddie's growing-up years is his mother, who loves him unconditionally but does not prevent his father from neglecting him, beating him and abusing him verbally and emotionally. The story begins with Eddie's death at eighty-three years of age and then through flashbacks reveals his entire life.

the five people you meet in heaven 5th person

He wears a badge that reads "Eddie Maintenance. He is in charge of the rides at Ruby Pier along with his assistant, Dominguez. Eddie takes pride in the accident-free safety record at the Pier.

In the first chapter, readers learn that a young man has lost his car keys, and eventually the keys cause the most popular ride, Freddy's Free Fall, to malfunction. Eddie directs the rescue of riders whose cart has tilted. The ride starts again. Eddie sees that the cable has been shredded, but he is unable to make himself heard in time to prevent one of the carts from falling towards a little girl.

He leaps to save her, and that is the last thing he remembers on earth. The remainder of the novel is told in alternating present-tense encounters in Heaven and flashbacks that are organized around Eddie's birthdays. He is told that he will meet five people in Heaven, and the purpose of those meetings is to help him understand his life on earth.

The first person he meets is the Blue Man from the freak show on the Pier, who died when Eddie was eight years old.

the five people you meet in heaven 5th person

The Blue Man reveals that eight-year-old Eddie was responsible for the Blue Man's death when he ran in front of the car the Blue Man was driving. In Heaven, the man tells Eddie his life story, and the lesson Eddie is to learn from this first person is that there are no random acts.

All lives are interconnected, and fairness does not govern life or death. The second person Eddie meets is his captain from the war. Four of his men, including Eddie, were captured with him in the Philippines. The captain was killed by a landmine as they were escaping after several months as captives of brutal enemy soldiers.

The Five People You Meet In Heaven - Book Review – The Mastermind Within

Eddie was sure that there was a child in a tent he had torched, and he was going into the fire to rescue it. As he headed into the fire, Eddie's leg was shot, leaving him a resentful cripple for the rest of his life.

His chief resentment is an unproductive life spent maintaining rides in an amusement park as the result of the war and the injury. He discovers in this second encounter in Heaven that his captain shot him in order to save him from being burned in the tent. He comes to accept the act of the captain, who was determined to leave no one behind.

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The lesson he learns is that no one dies for nothing and that when you sacrifice something precious, such as a leg, you always gain something. Eddie just doesn't know yet what he has gained. The third person Eddie meets is a woman named Ruby, for whom Ruby Pier was named long before Eddie's time.

He meets her near a diner, where Eddie is shocked to find his father. She takes him to a scene in his family's kitchen where an old friend of his father's, Mickey Shea, attempts to assault his mother.

the five people you meet in heaven 5th person

His father comes home and chases Mickey with a hammer but ends up rescuing him from an attempted suicide-by-drowning off the pier.