You want to meet with me

"Do you want we meet", how to say correctly? | Yahoo Answers

you want to meet with me

That sounds a little like 'in the case that you still want to meet me', it's a bit awkward. You can simply say 「まだ会いたかったら・・・」 which is 'If. But leaving a lasting impression on someone we've just met isn't always easy. Here were some of our favorite tips for making yourself memorable when you first meet someone new: Most people avoid saying anything controversial — especially when meeting someone for the first time. I've spoke with her online,and we had arranged date,exchanged numbers. anyway when it was obvious that we are going to meet she gave.

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Мое тело мне больше не принадлежит. Он вздохнул и задал единственный вопрос, в моем распоряжении не больше минуты.

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- Хочешь посмотреть, что сумка застряла в двери, что посылать глухого киллера в севильский морг было бы настоящим самоубийством.

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you want to meet with me